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Essential Statutory Package for the Leisure Entrepreneurs

The business environment in Singapore is inspiring every strata of population to start their own business. Hassle free rules and regulations of the Singapore government and the huge amount of profits that can be earned have made many Singapore citizens as well as expatriates open businesses. Many of the leisure entrepreneurs come with the least knowledge about the regulations of IRAS and ACRA. Some of them have a hard time managing the accounts required to be furnished in front of governing authorities annually. Understanding the needs of such leisure entrepreneurs many companies have dedicated themselves in helping these groups of businessmen. There are ideal professional corporate services, Singapore taxation servicesandCompany Secretarial Services packages available with these companies. These packages include a large list of services.


But in the recent times it has been seen that companies are trying to convince new entrepreneurs to take up comprehensive packages that include many services which are not applicable for the leisure entrepreneurs. As a result the entrepreneurs have to pay extra. In business where every penny means profit or loss this can be a serious cause of concern! So there is need for statutory package which will only cover the most essential services. ContactOne has recently come up with one such package that is cater made for the leisure entrepreneurs. The package contains an integrated suite of services based on the size of business. You can make extra savings selecting the packages based on your needs.


Many leisure entrepreneurs try to perform essential tasks such as bookkeeping and filling of tax all by themselves. It results in waste of time and money. You are new to the arena and it is hard to grasp the laws and regulations of ACRA and IRAS. There are many documents and sheets that have to be sent to the governing bodies. Such tasks can only be done by seasoned professionals present at ContactOne. The professional corporate services offered by the company include all it takes from starting a company to bookkeeping needs. While the Singapore taxation services offered by ContactOne offers solutions to complex set of calculations in terms of the payable taxes and filling these.


The statutory package of ContactOne includes two main services required annually: bookkeeping (in the form of annual accounting, preparation of financial statements report and tax computation) and filling the calculated amounts to the IRAS and ACRA authorities. ContactOne also provides the entrepreneurs with the luxury to choose the package based on transactions volume per year and the tax treatments required. The transaction volume refers to the number of transactions any company has in a fiscal year. It includes total of sales and purchases and any other source of cash inflow or outflow. Based on the transactions you can choose professional corporate services packages for Very Small/Dormant, Small, Mid Size and Mid Large Size.


With the proper selection of Singapore taxation services available at ContactOne you can pay the taxman and yet have great savings. So let your infant business grow into a recognized business enterprise year after year with the Singapore corporate services of ContactOne.

Making Money With Ebooks – Get Other People to Promote YOUR Ebook


Making money with ebooks comes down to picking the right niche and providing valuable information that consumers within that niche are “thirsty” for. It’s even better if you can provide an ebook that helps solve a common problem found within that niche. So, how do you go about making money with ebooks?

This article will explore a popular method you can use to start your online business by getting other people promote your ebook.

A popular method used by many internet marketers involves creating an ebook and selling it on their website. With this method you’ll need a sales page that provides the benefits of buying the ebook and also a call-to-action that forces people to buy. You’ll need to have a payment processor in place in order to handle the load of sales you’ll receive.

There’s many different marketing strategies you’ll have to employ in order to start making money with this method. Some take things a step further, however, and create an affiliate program to allow others to promote their ebook and earn a commission.

This is an excellent strategy because you allow others with more marketing and sales experience to help market YOUR ebook for you. In return you give them a percentage of the sale, which you determine. The most popular method of setting this up is to go through Clickbank.

If you go this route, you’ll want to provide marketing material for your affiliates to aid them in marketing your ebook. You can either do this yourself or hire someone to do it for you. In either case, this will help ensure that you attract more affiliates and ultimately more sales.

If you go through Clickbank or any other site that provides affiliate setups, they’ll take care of all the payment processing for your affiliates so that you don’t have to worry about it. Everything will be hands-off, so you can concentrate on your next big success making money with ebooks.

Holiday Living In Cyprus Real Estate

It is fun to imagine having a dwelling place in the Mediterranean, basking in very clean and clear water, having your family enjoy a safe and sound temperate surrounding and then spending your restful hours in luxury real estate. Living in Cyprus is quite conducive and ideal as 90 percent of Cyprus nationals can speak English and majority of the road and building signs are in English. This would augur well for people speaking English as a universal language applicable in Cyprus.

It is well worthy to note that the British nationals have long cherished to buy property in Cyprus. Because of the warm climate and similar situations with the British sovereign, vacation homes or permanent residences have been the preferences of Englishmen. In the last several years, many people from different nationalities have decided to invest in luxury real estate in Cyprus and many have chosen to buy vacation homes for their Cyprus sojourns.

With the continuing surge of people looking to invest in homes and other properties, the property values in South Cyprus have risen to awesome levels. It has been established that more and more buyers prefer Cyprus luxury villas over other properties in the area.

Now a bonafide member of the European Union, Cyprus enjoys advantages in richness in resources owing to its strategic location and endowed with ideal climate. It is also readily equipped in terms of high technology communications, integrated transportation systems and a burgeoning economy with trade and growth.

The European Union accounts for more than 50 percent of the trade transactions with Cyprus and it is the source of more than two thirds of the 2.4 million tourists who visited Cyprus in 2006. There are also binding ties with Africa and the Middle East which is the reason why luxury real estate has flourished in Cyprus.

Intermeshed with its lush beaches, heavy coastal areas, jagged hills, and forested areas, is a modern network of roads and bridges. Southern Cyprus has seen sustained growth and stability with many people opting for countryside living beside the sea in their villas instead of living in urban areas.

Just like in any property investment, location is the key in purchasing real estate cyprus. Different worthwhile and extravagant investments are interspersed in Pahos, Pevia, Coral Bay, and adjoining areas. Different properties are available with extensive views of the coastline such as apartments, villas, and houses. There are even golfing properties available for those who want added luxury in their living. These properties are laid across world-class golf courses in the country.

Even though the properties in Cyprus are built luxuriously and with high quality standards in mind, they are still reasonably priced in the market. The villas are constructed with beautiful and impressive interiors with specially designed kitchens with marble and granite tops and high class appliances and furnishings. The bathrooms are elegantly finished with marble complete with bath and shower fixtures.

Cyprus Properties: A Hit In Europe

Real estate Cyprus is a good investment when you are planning to get away from the hustle and bustle of urban living, or investing in real estate, planning a retirement set-up, or raising a family, and there are certain limitations in owning property in the Mediterranean. Not all people have the qualifications and inclination to purchase real estate Cyprus.

Cyprus is situated on the eastern portion of the Mediterranean Sea and is considered a valuable gateway of many countries in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Because of its temperate climate and mostly good weather, millions of tourists flock the country. However, only a few are able to achieve their objectives with sound investment in the area. In spite of the many tourists that visit Cyprus each year, the place has remained a virtual mystery to majority of these visitors as they have not seen or experienced its full potential.

But the incoming visitors to Cyprus, specifically the more than 2 million yearly visitors, are quite small if you look at the population of neighboring countries like Egypt having some 83 million people, and Turkey with a population of 74 million. Add to these some 500 million inhabitants in the European Union, together with the interest in Cyprus coming from the Russians, and you can just imagine the investment potential of Cyprus in the vicinity. Real estate Cyprus is very limited compared to the millions of prospective and potential investors.

There are still hordes of people who are ignorant of the many potentials of owning luxury real estate. A lot of travelers are benefited by its location being practically at the center of Europe and the Middle East and acting as a jump off point to many different locations.

Comparable to Florida in the United States, Cyprus is considered as a sunshine state by many observers. Because it is practically the only country in Europe which enjoys warm weather consistently the whole year round, Cyprus is considered by many countries as a vacation spot during the cold months in Europe. This vacation spot is very proximate compared to other tropical destinations across the globe and therefore saves money, time and effort on the part of vacationers.

Contrary to the belief of some, real estate Cyprus has not turned into a concrete jungle. There are many areas in the country which maintained its serenity intact even after more than 15 years of development has passed. During this time, the dwellings, homes, and apartments in Cyprus were few and far apart.

Paphos, Nicosia, Limassol, and Larnaca are still the prime cities that have preserved the old traditions and culture in their way of life and have been the reasons for the country being so revered and admired by many tourists. While there have been developments in the area, there is still much to say about the panoramic and breathtaking vies of the sea preserved in many areas.

Acne In Teens

Teenagers and acne go together. A teenage body is suffused in raging hormones, and those hormones are responsible in a large part for acne.

Teenagers are often told by their older (usually female) relatives that such things as eating French fries, drinking carbonated soft drinks, and overindulging in chocolate is what has caused their acne. None of that is true!

There is NO FOOD THAT CAUSES ACNE! Now, a diet that is deficient in certain nutrients CAN contribute to acne.

*Note: Just because fried foods, carbonated drinks, and chocolate don’t cause acne, however, doesn’t give license to teenagers to consume unlimited quantities of any of these foods or drinks. A healthy and balanced diet is good for the skin and all of the rest of your body parts.

Sometimes teenagers are led to believe that spending more time in the sun and getting a good really dark sun tan will cure their acne. This is completely untrue as well. A reasonable amount of sunshine is good for everybody, including teenagers. Too much is just as bad as too little, and sunlight will not cure acne.

The best thing a teenager can do to help prevent acne is to keep their faces clean. Using harsh cleansers will not prevent acne. Use a mild soap and don’t scrub with a washcloth. Wash your face with your fingers using a gentle circular motion. Clean your face at least twice each day, morning and evening, and if you are having an outbreak, increase cleansing to three or even four times a day.

Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet that includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish, and poultry in order to provide your body with the required nutrients for healthy skin.

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Acne and Basic Hygiene- 7 Easy Steps to Prevent Acne

Dirt does not cause acne. That is one of the very basic concepts that most acne sufferers need to accept. Keeping the face clean will help to make acne outbreaks happen less frequently and be less severe when they do happen but the fact that your face gets dirty is not the cause of acne.
Facial cleansing is particularly important for those who are generally prone to acne, however.
The facial cleansing for the prevention of acne outbreaks and while an outbreak is in progress
needs to be in a specific fashion.

1.Wash your hands first. Is that surprising? It shouldnt be. Your hands are about to come in contact with your face. The first thing you need to do is scrub your hands and be sure that your nails are clean as well.

2.The next thing that you need to do is to secure your hair either in a hairnet, a shower cap or a headband. Pull your hair away from your face and firmly secure it.

3.Wet your face with warm (not hot) water and apply the soap or facial cleansing product as directed on the packaging. Never use more or less of the product than is recommended.

4.Using only your fingertips (NOT a washcloth), gently massage the cleanser into your face. Use a circular motion and be sure that you go all the way to the hairline. Pay particular attention to the areas of your face where you most often see pimple. Hard scrubbing is counterproductive. Be very gentle.

5. Rinse your face thoroughly by splashing it with warm water. Dont take a shortcut here. Rinse your face until all traces of the cleanser are gone.

6.Gently pat your face dry with a clean towel. Dont rub your face and never use a towel more than once.

7.Allow your face to air dry for at least 15 minutes before you apply acne medications or

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Is Acne Contagious?- Why Not?

A pimple, blackhead, or zit appears on the skin because a sebaceous gland has produced too much sebum. The sebum has combined with dead cells. The pore is blocked and the result is acne on the skin. We all have sebaceous glands everywhere on our bodies except in the palms of our hands and on the soles of our feet. The bacterium, P. acnes, is on everybody’s skin in abundance. P. acnes is the bacterium that causes a pimple or zit to be inflamed.

So, here’s the deal. You can’t “catch” a hormonal imbalance, and you can’t “catch” sebaceous glands. You can’t “catch” sebum or dead skin cells. You can’t “catch” blocked pores, and you can’t “catch P. acnes bacteria. Therefore, acne is NOT contagious.

Can you “spread” acne on your own skin? The answer to that one is an unqualified YES. You can make your acne worse in a variety of ways.

First, believe it or not, scrubbing your face really hard helps to worsen the acne. You should always wash your face and neck with pH-balanced soap and only use a gentle circular motion with JUST your fingertips. Do NOT use a washcloth.

You can aggravate your acne by RUBBING your face dry after it has been washed. Only PAT the skin, and do it gently.

You can aggravate your acne by reusing a towel. Always, always, always use a clean towel every time you wash your face.

You can also aggravate your acne by picking at or mashing pimples and blackheads. The pressure irritates the surrounding tissue and makes it much more likely to develop an acne lesion.

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How Doctors Treat Acne

Teenagers and young adults who are suffering with acne don’t particularly care what a treatment for acne is called. All they want to know is if it will work! That’s understandable. Acne feels a lot like the plague to young people. They feel ugly and the most important thing to them is for the acne to be gone!

The bad news is that so far acne cannot be cured, but there is some good news. Treatments for acne have come a long way in the last few years. Acne is no longer something that teenagers and young adults just have to suffer through and hope that they “grow out of it.” Doctors now have a whole host of weapons at their disposal to treat acne.

All of the medications available for treating acne aren’t just topical salves and creams either. There are oral medications like erythromycin, tetracycline, doxycycline, minocycline, clindamycin, ampicillin, cephalosporins, and trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole that have proven to be very effective.

Usually these oral medications are used in conjunction with a topical treatment like benzoyl peroxide, sulfur, resorcinol, salicylic acid, and  antibiotics like clindamycin (Cleocin T), erythromycin, tetracycline, tretinoin (Retin-A, Avita), adapalene (Differin), azelaic acid (Azelex), and tazarotene (Tazorac).

There are also new laser treatments. One type of laser treatment is called “blue light therapy.” Blue light therapy is relatively new and is still being tested but it has been approved for the treatment of acne.

Pulsed light and heat energy therapy is another version of laser therapy that is being used to treat acne. The FDA has approved the use of pulsed light therapy to treat acne. The only side effect is redness at the site of treatment.

Diode laser treatment is a lesser-known and less frequently used form of laser treatment for acne. Diode laser treatments can be painful unlike other forms of laser treatments for acne.

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Acne In Adults- Why? And What to do about it

It hardly seems fair! Pimples and wrinkles on the same face seem like a cruel and non-funny joke by good old Mother Nature. The old girl must have a mean streak though, because, sadly, pimples and wrinkles do happen on the same face more often than anybody realizes. About 25% of men and about 50% of women will have acne at some time in their 20s, 30s, or 40s.

Researchers believe that adult acne is basically caused by the same thing that causes teenage acne (hormonal changes). Often an adult that has an acne outbreak can visit their doctor and get a prescription for hormones that will clear the acne outbreak right up.

Diet doesn’t cause adult acne anymore than it causes teenage acne. However, just like teenage acne, the LACK of certain nutrients in the diet can contribute to the adult acne problem.

Sometimes adults will have an acne outbreak after a radical and prolonged change in diet and so they contribute the outbreak to something they ate. That isn’t what happened, though. The outbreak could have been caused by something that they DIDN’T eat, but it was not caused by something that they DID eat.

Stress is also considered one of the main contributors to outbreaks of adult acne. You can’t avoid stress altogether and live on planet earth. That isn’t possible. But you can learn to manage your stress and thereby help to control your acne outbreaks. There are all kinds of relaxation techniques that one can learn to practice; deep breathing exercises, yoga, etc.

The one thing that adults who suffer from acne outbreaks should remember is do NOT purchase products that are designed to treat teenage acne. These products are designed to dry the skin and, as an adult, you don’t want to use products that will dry your skin because that will cause increased wrinkling.

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Teenagers Coping with Acne

All of us who are adults have suffered through the insecurities of our own teenage years. Remember standing in front of the mirror and mentally listing everything that was less than perfect (in your opinion) about your appearance. In my case, I always thought I was too short,
my eyes were too big for my face, and my hair had a will of its own and that was before I even got to the acne.

Teenagers are so self-critical. Their bodies are changing and maturing and usually faster than their emotional ability to handle the changes can keep up. Being a teenager is tough enough without having acne.

Teens look at the posters of their idols that they have plastered on the walls of their room and determine that they do not measure up, and simply never will. It IS tough.

So the question is, what can we, as the adults in their world, do to help? Take actiont! There are treatments today for teenage acne that can help keep the acne under control. Most teenagers will simply outgrow acne by the time they are in their early 20s. But we can smooth the way for them by taking them to a dermatologist and getting treatment for their acne.

Now, regardless of what your teenager tells you, one zit does not constitute a full-blown case of acne. The occasional zit shouldn’t be a concern. Most teenagers, about 95%, will have acne. Most of those cases are mild and don’t really require any treatment other than over-the-counter medications.

Acne can be the cause of all kinds of disorders like depression, eating disorders, self-isolation, or social anxiety. Treating the acne can help prevent more serious problems.

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Medical Transcription
Medical transcription, also known as MT, is an allied health profession, which deals in the process of transcription, or converting voice-recorded reports as dictated by physicians and/or other healthcare professionals, into text format.