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Work At Home Business – The Most Common Reason People Fail In The Work At Home Industry

As glorious as a work at home business sounds, many people aren’t aware of the 98% failure rate in this industry.  Many different home businesses fail for different reasons.  One of the most common reasons is because the majority of people who actually start a work at home business are not dedicated to doing whatever it takes to make it work, so they fail to put forth the effort needed to become successful.

Success in this industry does not happen overnight, and it does not happen if you are not serious.  Too many people jump into this industry and start a work at home business thinking it’s easy to make money working at home.  Once they find out you actually have to do work and put forth some effort, they just quit.  They treat it more like a hobby, not a real business.

Just starting a work at home business isn’t going to bring you the time and financial freedom everyone wants.  Now, I will admit that this industry is sometimes portrayed that way, that it’s super easy to just make money from home.  In fact, this could also contribute the high failure rate in this industry.  If someone truly thinks there is a work at home business out there where they can just push a button and start making money, they will keep searching for it.

Those people end up quitting because they’ve already spent tons of money on bogus programs that promised the world and didn’t deliver.  If you are serious about working from home, then you need to take it seriously.  That means hard work and dedication.  Always be taking action towards achieving your goals. 

All of the success stories you see about people who changed their lives with a work at home business, they all have one thing in common.  They came into this industry with the right mindset and had the desire and the willingness to do whatever it takes to succeed.  They were dedicated to their success and put forth the work to get it.  Knowing this and getting this mindset early in your business is going to be the biggest factor in whether or not you succeed or fail in this industry.

There are thousands of people who are simply replacing their incomes, supporting their families, and living a better lifestyle with a work at home business.

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How to make money processing emails or with email processing

Can you earn $1000 a day processing emails from the comfort of your home? This is what many advertisements for email processing want you to believe, but most of us are wise enough to realize that a lot of these ads aren’t true. There are many claims for email processing jobs on the web that are simply scams. However, when you think wisely about it, there are things you can do so that you can make some money processing emails. Here’s how:

Advertise your email processing services. Use free online classified websites like, or Set up an ad where you offer your services as a virtual assistant in the “services offered” directories or in internet marketing/online business areas.

Many business owners receive tons of emails and need help sorting and replying to them, so try setting up yourself as a virtual assistant and offer email processing as one of your services.  Check out these websites to offer your services:,,, You can also browse work-at-home forums (do a search on google) to find places where you can set yourself up as a virtual assistant and also take a look at what other people are charging for these services.

Start yourself a free blog at and discuss your services. Post as often as you can – also to send traffic to your blog, advertise in the free classified sections again (see above). With time you may get ranked in the search engines and could attract new clients with your blog.

If you don’t have any success with advertising or your own blog, try to find an email processing job on websites such as, or (there are others just Google them). There are hundreds of jobs posted every day, so you may have to be persistent and check these sites out often. You should be able to find an email processing job with some persistence. Remember, persistence always pays off!

Finally, once you’ve landed an email processing job, perform your work professionally. Don’t be sloppy and make sure you follow the guidelines. Also, ask every question you have to do the job exactly as has been requested. This way you will be making money over and over again.

Good luck!

How to Land a Writing Job and Work at Home


Many individuals dream of working at home, especially as a freelance writer. As a writer, the mind stays active and you gain a great deal of confidence. This type of work can not only be a great second income and a fabulous way to pass the time, but can even lead to full-time work. But how do you go about it?

Well you don’t need to have a university degree to write an article. Just start to practice by writing about something you like. Maybe you love the town that you live in or the place where you work? By writing a brief article of about 250 to 500 words you will gain some practice skills at writing. Many article directories online and online magazines accept content and articles with this amount of words.

The Opening Paragraph

When writing an article about, for example the town where you live, begin by opening your story with an opening paragraph. Describe in the first paragraph where the location is. For example, you may say “Colborne is a quaint little village of about 2,000 people located east of Cobourg in Northumberland County, Ontario, Canada. The Apple Route Drive with lovely rolling hills begins the route along the beautiful shoreline of Lake Ontario.” You can continue to describe some of the highlights of your location describing other closeby larger cities. In addition, you can explain how there is always somewhere to visit or something to do.

The Body

The rest of the article can be broken down with subheadings such as:

Things to See and Do, Nightlife, Great Restaurants, About the People, Weather Conditions and maybe Home Costs.

The Spell Check and Read-Over

Once you complete your article, do a quick spell-check and correct any misspelled words. Do your best to assure that it is written grammatically correct and that the writing flows naturally. Always be professional. A little bit of slang is fine to seem genuine, but not too much to appear sloppy.

Submit Your Article

Submit your article to online article directories who offer free online article submission or to an online magazine. Some individuals utilize article submitting software or article writing services. As you write and send more articles, you will gain a great deal of confidence and will become an expert writer. I remember sending my first article to an online real estate directory for agents and second home purchases. They responded with the request to make a few changes with the formatting, and after doing just that, I received an approval with the permission to print my article. And guess what, I sold my first article! So, not only was this a learning experience, but I got my work published online and got paid.

Since then, I wrote several articles and content for different websites. I even landed an assignment a few years ago for a website offering job tips that paid a few hundreds of dollars for a couple of weeks worth of work.

One year ago, I happened to have noticed a request for writers online for a company in California. I live in Ontario and wondered if this could still be possible? I bit the bullet and applied with a copy submission of my favorite piece of writing. A few days later, I was offered a job to write on a regular basis.

Because I have a background in nursing and travel, I write health news articles as well as bed and breakfast articles and information. In order to keep my contract, I must agree to write a weekly amount of articles. A number of assignments are there for me to choose. I do the research and write the article. These can vary from 250 to 500 words. Payment is sent through PayPal on the same date every month.

You see, writing can be fun and financially beneficial at the same time. Try writing a little about something you like, and it may be your new beginning to a writing job and the opportunity to work at home.






Make Money Online With "ACME Phone Leads – The Future Of Affiliate Marketing"

Are you one among many affiliate marketers trying to make money online and working your butt off making a couple of dollars from an affiliate product? still carving for a profitable niche? Possibly the reason behind your lack of success is COMPETITION. Yes. It’s the stiff competition. Have you ever thought you are promoting the same product that thousands of other affiliates are promoting, not only the products they are also targeting the same website and keywords for that product. These are the factors which add to your failure. Even if you succeed and came up as an top affiliate for a particular product or a niche you only make a few dollars or a small percentage of share by doing all those hard work such as website building, writing articles, SEO optimization, creating splash pages, landing pages, link building blah blah blah…  and wait for google to rank your site in top ten positions for your target keywords. All this requires lots of work and the more important it consumes a huge amount of time for getting the site on first page of Google for you to make that few dollars.  From now onwards this will become your past. Read further to learn a new way to make money online  called as the “Future Of Affiliate Marketing”.

Business Overview

ACME Phone Leads” is a new program launched by Tissa Godavitrane which will change the way affiliate make money online. It’s not about creating lot of websites, splash pages, landing pages and promoting the same affiliate product that competes with thousands of other affiliates. It’s all about helping the Local Business grow that’s where the “new” money is for “smart” affiliates. The future of affiliate marketing is about building relationships with local businesses in your own backyard who already have websites and where you have zero competition from other affiliates. After a month of hard work Tissa had integrated 232 Pre-negotiated offers from  Local businesses in Northern Virginia, Dallas, Texas and North Carolina. Affiliates can start promoting them and earn commission. More and more offers will be added from other states in the future so you don’t have to worry whether others are promoting the same offer.

How will you earn money with ACME Phone Leads?

Well, after signing up as an affiliate you will have access to 232 business who have already contracted with ACME Phone Leads. You will be assigned a unique phone number which is linked to you only. All you have to do is promote the phone number, get people to call from it, and you will earn commission FOR EACH CALL!! How much? Well that depends on from where the call originated and what’s the duration of the call, you will earn anywhere from $10-$50 the minimum being $10 for each qualified lead.

Affiliates can also earn residual  income from a 5 level MLM compensation plan when they shared the business opportunity with others.  Earn $25 from every direct referral you refer to the business and $5 from their referrals till 5 level in residual income. That’s a solid income stream and you only need one direct referral to get paid for all five levels. ACME Phone Leads referral program will pay you in 50% – 90% recurring commissions.

Overall, ACME Phone Leads is the perfect business solution for  affiliate marketers. Now it’s upon you whether you want to earn couple of dollars or make huge income helping local businesses grow and a solid MLM residual income source. Think about it!

Work At Home Jobs – How To Earn Income From Home

Work at home jobs are available. Finding real work at home jobs that pay real income is not hard. There are many positions available and serious workers really do earn income from home. 

All over the world, people work at home and make lots of money doing easy online jobs. Here are a few tips to ensure that you have the best possibility of landing great work from home jobs.

1. Avoid scams. Register with a reliable website that lists real work at home jobs.  Online job locators are great resources to get connected to available freelance work around the world.  These sites generally offer free registration and offer access to thousands of work at home jobs.

2. Create a truthful profile. People that find real work at home jobs usually have a profile with an online job locator. After completing a free registration with one of these companies, new registrants may be asked to complete a profile.  This will serve as a virtual resume and should highlight work history, skills, and abilities. It gives potential employers the background information that is necessary in order to mark a profile for further consideration.

3. Bid on multiple projects. Do not solely rely on a well written profile.  Be proactive with the online job seeking process.  Legitimate work at home jobs are out there but job seekers should actively bid on projects, respond to emails, send private messages, or simply start dialogues with people. Remember, there are many people that may be interested in the same job or type of job. It is more likely for a candidate to be hired for work at home jobs if they apply (or bid) for projects instead of waiting to be discovered.

4. Keep initial bids low. Certain work at home jobs may not be high paying in the beginning, but when new online workers prove to be reliable, pay rates can be quickly and significantly increased in a short time. Bidding and accepting a little less for the first few jobs just to get a foot in the door is a common practice.  This allows employers and new hires the opportunity to work together and develop a relationship.  Once credibility is established on both ends, pay scale can easily be renegotiated.

5. Consider short term projects to get started making money right away. Many potential employers start new candidates on short term projects then continuously rehire them over and over for similar or related projects so the candidate ends up working long term. This is a common practice.

6. Keep a schedule but be flexible. Staying on schedule and completing tasks on time is very important, however, flexibility is also important, especially when working with clients in different time zones.  So, be open to being flexible for conference calls, live chat sessions, or online meetings when necessary.
7. Create a productive working environment. Be sure all work environments are free of noise, clutter, and distractions that could hinder job production.

8. Utilize free technology to stay connected. It is easy for employees and employers to stay connected for free with tools like instant messaging and video calls.  These are great ways to communicate when there are questions about the project that is being worked on.

There are many reasons people like work at home jobs, such as:
- The freedom to work wherever and whenever it is convenient
- The opportunity to earn income from home that is double or triple what could be earned at a day job
- The ability to partake in interesting and rewarding work that is fun to do
- The chance to work close to family
- Clocking in for as many or as little hours a day as possible to earn the income that is necessary
- The flexibility of being at home
- The chance to make enough to retire early
- And the list goes on and on.

Read About Hints On Discovering Information On How To Make Money With Florida Lotto Magic

A great way to run a home based business is to become involved in the Florida Lotto Magic system. By signing up you are given a chance to win a percentage of earnings on any winning tickets which your group has the matching numbers on. The draws which are included are the Florida Lottery and the Powerball.

There are no special requirements needed to get started. It does not matter if you have no qualifications or whether you are currently working, it is open to everyone. You will be put in a group and have the chance to win a percentage of all the winnings.

Becoming a member of the home business plan which makes money from the lottery you also receive several other benefits. You will be sent through a voucher entitling you to two free nights in a resort.There are ninety destinations to choose from which means you are bound to find somewhere that is perfect for you.

Also the price of the membership entitles you to free tickets for each of the draws throughout the month. If you decide you would like to become a team captain, you win ten percent on your ticket and also money from the other seven members in your team. Power captains get more receiving fifty percent on their winning ticket and the extra bonuses from all the other tickets belonging to all the members below you.

There is a small monthly fee but this can be made back, and it is a very easy way to build an income from working in your own home. The system calculates numbers and analysis which ones stand the best chance of winning for you in the drawing of the balls.

If you only wish to be involved in a lottery pool then this is fine, or you can work up to becoming one of the leaders. You can find more information on the Internet and find out how you can become a member in this simple money making business idea.

Get Paid to Work at Home

People are out of work all over this country. Are you one of those who have lost their jobs due to our economy? These are hard times and call for hard decisions and solutions to our struggling economy; working from home can be very helpful. Whether you would like to work full time or part time these work at home jobs can be a big part of your monthly income.

I know when I retired in 2001 I thought everything would be just fine. My retirement was well planned out and I thought I had all of the bases covered. We purchased a home on a Golf Course in Florida as an investment. The very month we put our home on the Real Estate Market the bottom fell out. In order to make this short we lost everything, my 401k, my wife’s retirement fund and all of our savings trying to hold on to that home. We finally had to do a short sale and that was rock bottom for us as it was all gone we essentially had nothing.

My searches finally led me to the Work at Home Jobs websites. Now I found several that were very helpful with my monetary problem. Now do not get me wrong, I had to work, this was not a get rich quick scheme. I had to put in the time required to make it a paying job. When you work at home you are the boss, supervisor and employee. Your time has to be allotted for the work you have to do; you and only you can make this work. The outcome is strictly yours as you can do as much or as little as you need in order to accomplish your goals.

What would you do with the extra money? A new car, pay off those extra bills, travel or maybe even a new home are all possibilities. Just like me you can use all of the help available along your journey to recovery. Don’t pass up the opportunity that could change your life.


Latasia Jewelry

Latasia Jewelry, can it provide the future you are hoping for? This reasoned look will answer that question for your and help you determine if this company is the right fit for you.

Let’s take a look at the products Latasia has to offer. They have more than just jewelry for the consultant to showcase. Their Celebrations line is jewelry specific to weddings and other special occasions. They also have a line of lingerie that has a variety of items that can be showcased at the home parties. This line covers the gamut from super sexy to comfy.

The product line is solid and they offer a sixty day money back guarantee on their jewelry. So, with solid products, what else can they offer to a consultant? Let’s look at the compensation to see if it is adequate.

First off, you earn money through retail on anything you sell at your own home party. You receive 40% from the retail price after you have achieved $1500 in sales. Previous to that amount, you earn 30%. In addition, you can recruit other consultants and receive an override on their efforts.

The cost of starting is $139.00 for a jewelry kit or a lingerie kit, which is all you will need to have a party and get started.

This opportunity looks like it can be rewarding to anyone who likes jewelry and fashion and is willing to work hard and smart. The product line has enough variety with the lingerie and Celebrations line, and the compensation is good enough that it can provide for extra income.

I feel the real money will be in recruiting, training and motivating a sales team of other consultants and getting an override on their efforts. Of course, this is the meat of any Network Marketing opportunity. Those who know the secrets to attracting people to them, finding leads, having a cashflow to keep them going, will be successful.

Of course, using the Internet to accomplish this is the key and will lead to greater success for anyone who knows the secrets to tapping into the huge demographics there. This is where the real money will be made. In fact, Latasia has a program to have parties online. But, their marketing is not geared to utilizing the Internet.

If you want to be hugely successful in Latasia, you must discover the secrets of Internet marketing and building a business online.

Make Money from Home You Can!

Working at home seems more and more popular in the era of teleworking.Whether to perform a full-time professional occupation or to supplement his income. The fact of making money from your home can seem very advantageous since it avoids the movement thus reducing fuel costs, the need for a second car, the staggering lunch at the restaurant with colleagues and the exorbitant costs of clothing used only as part of working life.

How to earn money from home?

Despite all these advantages, working from home has all the same drawbacks, including being deprived of contact with our colleagues, being tempted to put the work aside to attend to household chores and lack of discipline. Before you embark on the adventure of working at home, it is important to consider some points. Keep reading to better understand what the homework .

What would you like to find work at home?

Working from home still requires a good organization. First determine what you enjoy doing and for what you’re good. Because remember that homework is not as simple as it sounds since you can easily distracted. Make sure you have a quiet and well equipped with the right equipment: lighting, computer, file cabinet or storage boxes, stationery and telephone line.

Employed part time or full time from home?

You must also consider the time you’re willing to work at home because you have to respect the deadlines requested by customers. In addition, you must also have some basic accounting skills as you will need to billing and managing your time and money. In addition, having to wait 30 days before being paid can be very frustrating for some people.

Prior to working at home, home, ask friends or relatives working at home, recommendations on online sites to work for a client trust. Be careful about promises to make over $ 5000 per month. Many fraudulent ads on the fact of making money at home running on the web.

Beware of job offers at home

Also, remember that you do not have to pay for an online job and earn money at home, because some sites require you to buy lots of things before we actually start working. Start by looking at the site inventory for advertisers Kijiji in your area so you can easily contact if problems arise. You can also browse the websites of your clients before starting work to ensure their integrity.

You will find different types of work at home ranging from translation to web master, through telemarketing, crafts andhome assembly . You can also make sales with companies like Avon, Tupperware or even PartyLite. I suggest you surf the net to find the type of work you want and try gradually to avoid potential frustration. Remember, make money at home can be easy if you know how!

Would you work 1-2 hours per day Online If so, then this is for you The semi-automatic money making machine that works for you and earns up to $8,400 per day! Click Here

Career Management

  What you do today directly influences your career options in 5, 10 and 20 years time, so carefully managing your career development NOW is vital for your career health in the short and longer terms.In years gone by career management was viewed as the responsibility of the employer not the employee (worker).  However it is now the opposite with career management now being YOUR responsibility.  Many people view this as being a great opportunity to take control of their own destiny and career development, and avoid the “promotion by death or retirement” focus belonging to the last century.

Statistics show that most people will have on average six career changes during their lifetime, with some of these being enforced and others by choice.  Irrespective of the reason not being prepared is like not having insurance on your house…very dumb.  So career management can be viewed as an insurance policy on your future career options and personal prosperity.How do I start? What should I do? I am overwhelmed by all of this!

Ongoing professional development is one of the three key drivers of good career management.  Every person needs to keep abreast of current industry trends, developments and changes.  Annually you need to complete courses, training and attend seminars to maintain relevance of your knowledge and expertise.  Thinking that your degree/qualification obtained 10 -20 years ago still has currency is simply naïve in today’s highly competitive employment market. (If you think this is all too hard, costly and does not fit your lifestyle then your career prospects look grim). The second key driver to good career management is networking.  Join industry bodies and/or clubs, attend annual conventions, assist others in your circle of connections to develop their careers, socialize with strategic colleagues both within your organisation and competitor companies.  Maintain contact with people in your network, do not let these connections wither; nourish them because they are vitally important to your next career move.

The final key driver to good career management put simply is “knowledge is power”, we all know that.  So continually gather intelligence on market movers, those hiring, expanding (contracting) and keep accurate file notes easily recalled when needed.  Opportunities often occur when least expected so being continually prepared with current expertise, qualifications and insider knowledge is critical to your career development. People often think that (the above) does not apply to them, their occupation or industry sector.  WRONG it applies equally to the shop floor worker, the operator, manager or CEO.  If you want to avoid career stagnation or worse it is up to you to take the initiative.  It is a hard cruel world out there in employer land (just ask someone who has been retrenched) and the only person looking after you is YOU!

Apart from providing you with “career insurance” career management can be fun.  Meeting people of like mind, helping others (who in turn will help you) and engaging in an active life are all part of a balanced and rewarding career journey.

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Medical Transcription
Medical transcription, also known as MT, is an allied health profession, which deals in the process of transcription, or converting voice-recorded reports as dictated by physicians and/or other healthcare professionals, into text format.