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Aviation jobs in Gulf countries

Aviation industry is the most significant aspect responsible for the association between two cities or two countries. The industry is huge and therefore has job opportunities for people coming from all walks of life. Countries which have major tourist destinations are required to have well developed aviation industry, to able to provide best services to its clients. The aviation industry has flourished a lot in the recent times, major credit for which goes to the execution of the concept of globalisation. Out of all the countries, the tourism sector of the states located in the gulf region like Dubai and Abu Dhabi is achieving heights. This is leading to the rise in the number of aviation jobs in gulf .

The candidates applying for the jobs in gulf need to be aware of the cultures and the practises followed in its respective cities. A large number of people fly from their home land to gulf countries on a regular basis, due to the presence of their business globally. The workforce employed in the aviation sector of the gulf countries, should not only be aware of the local practises, but should be well versed with the international standards of tourism. Personnel, trained in the ground as well as in the cabin crew are required by the companies in the gulf aviation sector. It is very important for the company to hire trained professionals, so that they provide best hospitality services to its clients. They should be able to impress the tourists and make them a permanent customer of the company. The aviation jobs in Gulf can be searched on internet and through other employment newspapers and magazines. There is always a requirement of people from different cultural and regional backgrounds, to be able to cater clients from different parts of the world. Therefore, Gulf aviation industry is meant to employ candidates from foreign countries as well. Aviation sector lists a number of posts and job opportunities under it. From an engineer to a communication manager everyone is required, to keep the track of aviation industry moving smoothly.

Few of the job opportunities, in the aviation sector of Gulf, can be listed as:

• Job in the Ground staff

• Job as Aerospace engineers

• Job as crew members

• Jobs as a pilot

• Job for technical assistance

• Jobs in the Aviation Business & Management department

• Job in the Air Traffic Control

• Job in the designing department All these job profiles, forms the most important part of the aviation sector and helps in its smooth functioning. The candidate applying for the aviation jobs in gulf, should have credible degrees and should have completed their education from a reputed institute. The candidates can apply for the job, by directly going to the website of the company and uploading their resume or can apply through any job portal. There are many job portals, which are specifically meant to cater the audience looking for jobs in gulf. The ongoing developments in the world, supports the fact that tourism and aviation industry is sure to rise in future. Hence, there will never be any dearth of jobs in the aviation sector. There is always going to be the demand of well educated and talented candidates. Another important factor, which the candidates applying for any kind of job in the foreign countries should keep in mind, is the communication skills. The speaking and the presentation skills of the employees should be very well polished, so that they are able to communicate effectively with the clients and understand their point of view.

Healthcare jobs in Gulf

Healthcare industry is one sector, which has been growing relatively high in almost all the economies of the world. The dependency of the common man on medicine and its other related services has increased a lot and people are opting newer measures to stay fit. All this awareness and urge among the people to remain healthy throughout their life, has given a boost to the healthcare industry. Like all the other countries, Gulf region has also witnessed great development in its healthcare sector. A significant number of medical institutions, hospitals and clinics have got opened in the gulf countries and are therefore creating opportunities for  healthcare jobs in gulf . Even in the times of downturn, healthcare sector was one sector, which maintained its growth and hardly got affected by the same. According to a report, it is believed that by the year 2025, the healthcare market of Gulf will grow fivefold and due to this sound growth, loads of opportunities will get created for the specialist providers, which are meant to offer tertiary services to the healthcare industry.

Due to the growing healthcare market in gulf, large numbers of companies are investing there. The increase in the business of other industries also adds to the growth in the healthcare sector. As more number of companies, get opened in the gulf, larger employees are enrolled, due to which the requirements of the medical sector also grows. More the number of people, larger is the need for medical professionals to attend them. Other than hospitals and clinics, there are many other corporate sectors, where medicinal experts are required. Pharmaceutical industry is one of them. Pharmaceutical jobs in gulf are counted among few of the preferred job fields, which are opted by foreigners in different regions of gulf.

Due to the unavailability of skilled labourers in gulf, healthcare as an industry also invites applications from talented workforce all across the globe. Candidates with good qualification and experience in the respective fields get good salaries and they are valued high in the industry. There has always been the demand of professionals in the Oil and Gas industry of Gulf, because of it being the seventh largest reservoir of oil. Due to this, the candidates with higher degrees of qualification in the fields of finance, healthcare and tourism sectors are in scarcity. All this supports for the need of healthcare professionals and practitioners from foreign countries, to serve in the healthcare sector of Gulf. From doctors to nurses to pharmacists, people of all professions are required by the healthcare industry to serve the people of the gulf.

Also, with the people getting more concerned about their health, healthcare sector is gaining the position of number one requirement for people across the globe. The changing lifestyle is also a contributing factor for the increase in demand of healthcare professionals in Gulf. Many cities in gulf, has adopted the cosmopolitan culture, which is very much evident of the fact that people in gulf would have health problems due to the negative effects of the modern lifestyle. Personal trainers, gym instructors, dieticians are few of the other professions, where one can seek healthcare jobs in Gulf. Few of the main job options, which one can look in the healthcare sector of Gulf, are:

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Surgeons
  • Clinical research jobs
  • Pharmaceutical jobs
  • Job as a dietician
  • Job as a gym instructor
  • Job as a personal trainer

All these jobs can be searched by a candidate, by surfing the internet, or digging the employment papers of gulf. The candidates applying for the job should be willing to serve the people of different cultures with full dignity and devotion, to cure their ailments and save them from diseases.


Jobs for Felons

Finding jobs for felons can be a real pain in the neck, especially during a recession.  Hard to find job resources provide virtually no help and the average job site doesn’t apply to convicted felons. 

Finally, there is a resource available to those unfortunate individuals,  This resource has been built around common day-to-day obsticles the prohibit felons from finding jobs.  Normally, no one man has the knowledge to know who hires felons and who does not, but as a community our resource is HUGE.

Currently, there are over 18,000 jobs available to convicted felons on this site and thousands more are being added every week.  Never before has there been a resource of this magnitued available to help find jobs for felons.

Browsing the web using the term “jobs for felons” your only going to find pages of sites claiming to have available jobs but the bottom line is all they’re trying to do is get you on their site and sell you something or just use your traffic for ppc programs such as Google Adsense. 

The way works is everybody gets to vote on available jobs in the job board and determine if that employer hires felons.  Based on an over all star rating you can determine if that jobs is a possibility.  Also, other felons add jobs to the board that they have previously worked at or currently work at.  This allow the community to search their city and state and view ALL the jobs in their area that have a high success rate of employment.

Jobs in Journalism

Work is worship, is a common quote used, which motivates every human being to wake up in the morning, go to office and give his best at work.

Financial aspects and the money earned through job is also one of the most important factors, which drive an employee to his office. Job in every field needs to be performed with full perfection and accuracy. Whether at a senior level or at the junior most level, the employees are required to give their best in each and every task they perform. This is not only for the company’s growth, but for their own growth as well. The future growth of the employees is totally dependent on the output and the benefits company gain from his work. Though the result of every job, in one way or the other affects the common masses, but there are few job fields, which has direct communication and hence connection with the man on the road. One of such job fields is Journalism Jobs.

The first and the most important duty and the priority of a journalist is to be responsible. He needs to make sure that each and every piece of news he is delivering to his audience is accurate and factual. There are a number of jobs in India, in the field of journalism, which provides opportunity to candidates to pursue their career in the field they want. To implement this, the number of media agencies, newspaper organisations and news channels, are growing day by day. The selection of the candidates for the job of a journalist is done on various grounds. Few of which are mentioned below:

1.)    The candidate should have excellent communication skills. He should not only be able to communicate, but also express his view point in an explanatory fashion in front of his target audience.

2.)    For the job of a journalist, the person should have good knowledge about current affairs. The candidate should keep himself updated about things happening in and around his surroundings and important events happening across the globe.

3.)    The candidate should also have good analysing power and a positive approach to look at things. He should be able to decide and take decisions fast.

4.)    Journalists hold the power of pen, they have influence over millions of people, and therefore they need to use their power at the right place and in the right way. They should communicate things to the masses at the right time and with an unbiased perspective.

5.)    To perform his job at the best, the journalist should be having the efficiency to look out for hidden things and dig out the unheard and unknown information. For this, he needs to make very good relations with people and should have a wide social circle.

6.)    The candidates should be comfortable working even at odd hours of the day. A journalist is required to report all the things to the masses, inspite of the timings they occur at.

Other than keeping the above mentioned points in mind, the candidates should have the ability to gather information and present it in a proper fashion. Few of the agencies in India, where a person can find a good job as a journalist, are:

1)      Times group

2)      Press Trust of India

3)      Indo-Asian News Service

4)      Hindustan Times

5)      Express Group

6)      NDTv

7)      United News of India

8)      Aaj tak

9)      CNN- IBN

There are many other regional newspapers, where one can apply and get a job as a journalist. Online trend of gathering and gaining information has also lead to the advent of online news portals. The number of job opportunities has increased due to this, which makes it easy for a willing candidate to suit himself with the right kind of job in journalism in the beat of his respective interest.

Seven Ways to Effectively Engage With a Jersey Recruitment Agency

Firstly you should understand how the recruitment industry works in Jersey. Leaving to one side the internal recruiters who work on behalf of Jersey’s large businesses, there are actually basically two kinds of recruiters “contingency search” and “retained search”.

A retained search recruitment agency employs a signed contract with a firm to help them to find an applicant. They receive some payment during the search just like medieval retainers.

The contingency recruitment consultant works without a contract in place and will get no payment until a candidate is placed in the open position. It is a very competitive market place and both types of agency generally choose to submit multiple qualified candidates for each vacancy. To help you make the best use of your chosen recruiter here are seven points to be clear about:

1. Many recruiters are experts in certain industry sectors, and it’s most likely a waste of your time to approach them if your field doesn’t complement their area of speciality.

2. Recruiters may want to know your wage demands and career track record in advance of their discussion with their client group about you. Since their actual fee is frequently based upon a percentage of your first-year’s earnings, they’re not likely to be looking to short-change or drive-down your wage demands; nonetheless they need to know what salary ballpark you’re close to. Work with them on this.

3. In the event you’re happy with regards to potential relocation, you may find yourself in a better position when you attempt to establish relationships with recruiters. Being a flexible individual here about this will gain you a lot of credibility.

4. As with most other fields, your own chosen recruitment consultant will have less-than-reputable competitors. It’s vital that you carry out some analysis so that you can aim to handle the relationship with your future recruiter. Likewise you should also be proactive and ensure in those situations when your agency approaches you are positive – even if it’s not what you are actually looking for. Be polite and help educate the recruiter about your particular career aspirations.

5. Explore the recruiter’s reputation by asking people you know which agency they have used and what they think of them. It is far better to approach a reputable agency on the back of a referral from someone they have placed, and work with in the past.

6. Should you manage to obtain the services of a reputable recruitment agency who are interested in helping you, make sure you continue to be always be receptive to his/her calls and demands for information. It is worth taking some time to seriously think about the way you tackle the relationship.

7. Building a new recruiter relationship will take time period, attention and tolerance. It is not really a quick-fix solution to locating a new position. However get the relationship right and there are few quicker ways to secure that new job in Jersey.

How to find the best FAS jobs

FAS, Irish National Training and Employment Authority, has tons of job opportunities out there for everyone looking for employment in Ireland. FAS jobs like engineering, security, construction, banking and human resources can all be found on When you get to the website you should register for an account to be able to send your resume and cover letter. This will allow it to be seen by potential employers as well. If you have never set up a cover letter before the website will help you build your first one to a professional and job obtaining level.

A FAS job could get you on the road to better income and better opportunity for yourself. If you have children, having a stable and reliable job is key. Once you are on the website you can search for jobs by company, location, category, agency and even industry to find that perfect job for you. When you find a job posting that you like on the website you can actually apply to most of them right from the link. There will be some postings that have more specific instructions like faxing in your cover letter or visiting the location in person, but the majority of them will allow you to apply online. Here are some of the employers you can expect to see on

  • Hertz
  • Boot
  • Apple
  • Google
  • Hostel World
  • Hilton Hotels and Resorts
  • PayPal
  • Kepak
  • Accenture
  • Salon Group
  • Penneys
  • Paddy Power
  • Med Serve
  • Microsoft
  • Bright Horizons
  • + Many more!

In just a few short simple registration steps you can be on your way to finding the FAS job of your dreams. If you enjoy the website enough you can even contact the webmasters about working for FAS too. FAS is constantly adapting to the changes that the economy and industries can bring to the table in Ireland.

Most of the jobs on the website will fit into the call center or customer service genre or in the multi lingual category. If you can speak more than one language you are in the top ranking for a better paying job not just in Ireland, but anywhere you go. People travel and live in different countries of the world all of the time so being able to talk to anyone who may call or contact you is important. If you can land a multi lingual FAS job then you are looking at almost double the pay of the same job if you were not. The first place you want to look for a job in Ireland is in the FAS website so you can find the best jobs in the area. No matter what part you live in there are jobs out there for you so don’t be afraid to search a few different industries, categories and locations while you are on the page. You never know what your new FAS job could bring you.

Job Trends and the need to prioritize quality over quantity

Work and workforce trends in India

1. India’s population is increasing by the second. Or should I say by the milli-second! which means that there are more engineers, doctors, MBAs and other professionals being created everyday.

2. MNC’s have been around in India for over 10 years now. The packages they hire candidates at, has been good for the economy as well as bad. High salaries have increased consumption and spending by employees, and at the same time also led to higher prices for otherwise cheap goods, in other words it has led to inflation! (Regions where MNCs are located, charge more for the same good, sold at a cheaper price elsewhere). These high salaries have in turn led to employees making a job shift more frequently and demanding an even higher packages. Hence, the average salary in India (for the MNC employees) has risen. This is in turn driving employers to other south-asian countries like Vietnam and Philippines for new IT jobs. As an example, recently major Telecom software company Aricent recently opened its next offshore center in Vietnam.

3. After 10 years of operations, companies also feel the need to expand. This is the case with both Indian as well as foreign companies who have opened Indian arms. Companies bid for large projects and to show their capabilities they also highlight their bench strength. The same case holds true when companies want to have an IPO (initial public offer) on a stock exchange. I am not well versed with the SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) guidelines, but I believe that unless a company is big enough it cannot go for an IPO. From another perspective, after operating for 10 years company owners feel the need to sell off the company, and in order to get the best price possible they would want to showcase a big batch of employees. Once companies get this objective in mind, the hiring quality degrades. And in a bid to showcase its batch strength, revenues and number of projects being handled, the quality of work declines as well.

Trends now need to change. One has to start understanding now that the new breed of engineers is more talented as well as creative than the older ones. The regular jobs is not enough to attract this new talent. Companies need to bid for and create fresh innovative projects and hire fresh talent to work in those. This will not just be good for the students, but for companies as well and for the industry as a whole..not to mention for the country India too!

Some companies have now begun to focus more on innovation. Process and Product related patents have started gaining importance and companies have started encouraging their employees to start thinking differently. The initial hesitation that companies used to have regarding innovation have started going away and they are ready to harness the ideas coming from minds of their employees to see if that idea can be a probably source of business for it.

As an initiative, we try to prepare students for technical interviews at our site. We would want to prepare them for not just the usual stuff related to job interviews, but educate them with the new technologies in the market and new platforms available for development as well. The only problem is, there need to be quality jobs and projects created in these new technologies first.

Finance jobs in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, the capital, is one of the biggest metropolis and the second largest city of UAE. Abu Dhabi is the home to many financial institutions and even has many important banks. The people of city have adopted the cosmopolitan culture and have achieved a lot. The relatively high income of the citizens of Abu Dhabi has contributed a lot towards the development of the city. The architecture and the infrastructure of the city are highly advanced and are in accordance to the global standards. Due to all these developments, the density of jobs in Abu Dhabi is also growing. People searching for jobs in Gulf, can end their search by winning over a flourishing career opportunity in Abu Dhabi.

Being the capital of UAE, the city has many cultural, commercial and political organisations, which adds to its attribute of being a job friendly city for foreigners. Of all the other career fields, jobs in the finance sector, has been growing very fast in Abu Dhabi. The city has significant financial institutions like the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, head offices of many important companies and Multi National Companies. All the important companies and MNC’s hire private agents or financial institutions to fulfil their finance jobs. To manage huge earnings of the people of Abu Dhabi and its investment require people, who are professionals in the field of finance which gives birth to more finance jobs in Abu Dhabi.

For the proper processing and development of a company or an organisation, its management requires finance professionals, who can handle the money well. There have always been the availability of petroleum and oil jobs in gulf, but because of the advancements, production of jobs in almost all fields is happening. People of Abu Dhabi are not well prepared to tackle these jobs, due to which, professionals from outside gulf, are invited to serve the advancements of the country. Banks and other financial institutions are very important for a common man also. Any developing country heading towards a metropolitan culture requires its financial institutions to be strong and dependable. Therefore, Abu Dhabi being the centre of development has the majority of finance jobs for well trained and highly skilled candidates.

Few of the finance jobs in Abu Dhabi, which can searched by a candidate, are:

• Jobs in banking

• Job as a finance Planner

• Job as an Investment manager

• Job as Insurance Agents

• Jobs as a Financial Analyst

• Jobs as a Mutual Fund Analyst

• Jobs as an Accounts Manager

• Job as a Claims Adjuster

• Job as an Auditor

There are jobs available at junior, middle, senior, all levels, giving opportunities to candidates from all backgrounds. The candidates are required to have good qualification and valid experience for the post applied. A large number of foreigners can be seen applying for the jobs in Gulf, because of the attractive remunerations paid by the companies. Especially, employees working in the finance sectors are paid really well, attracting more applicants from abroad.

The candidates looking for jobs in Gulf, can search through various mediums to find a job in their dream destination. Internet and newspapers are the two most important sources, which are highly trusted and frequently used by the job seekers. The increasing demand of workforce from financial sector of Abu Dhabi has lead to the set up many financial educational institutions in Gulf. This would help in the utilisation of young talent for the country itself. Therefore, for now and the times to come, the jobs for finance sector in Gulf is sure to grow and add more opportunities for generations to come.

Before joining a job in gulf

Home or home land is a place, which binds us to its comfort zone. We always feel so secured and safe, working and living in the areas, which are known to us. It gives us the space to grow and blend according to our comfort. Job is a very important element for our survival, the environment of which should be very friendly and according to the convenience of the employee. There are many jobs available in different countries, but people living in the developing nations of the world, mainly look for jobs abroad.

Though, they know, that it’s not easy to live far from the home land, but still, one has to do this earn better and give better facilities to his family. Leaving the zone of your comfort and exploring and adjusting in an altogether new place is actually a challenge. Many nations are inviting foreign candidates to join their companies and add to their development. One of such countries, which is creating job opportunities for the freshers and inviting talented workforce is the countries in Gulf. Jobs in Gulf have always been popular among people across the world. Especially, jobs in the field of oil and petroleum sectors are in abundance and therefore workforce for the same is always in demand. Therefore, you can see a large number of candidates seeking jobs in Gulf. Every person does a job to earn the living for his family and to attain professional satisfaction. But still money is not everything; you also need to have a good place to work, where in you can adjust according to your ease. Irrespective of the fact, how many companies you have worked with, every job is considered a new beginning and a new war towards the achievement of survival. Following are few of the things discussed which you must take before going to Gulf for a job:

Crack a good job opening: It is very important that you should have a job in hand before coming to gulf for jobs. After reaching in UAE and then searching for job, is not the right way. This can land you in many risks and create a problem for you. So pro-activeness is the key to have a successful career in abroad. You should always search your job through internet or other common search modes, before landing in Gulf for a job.  Do a research about the country: The customs and cultures of every country differs from each other, therefore before you go for a job to a foreign land, you must research about it properly. In the same way, the practises and customs of Gulf countries are also different, which are meant to be followed by the people living and working there.

So, it’s beneficial for you to understand it before and which would help you to maintain the decorum of the practices there. This would also add to your comfort level and bring an ease in your interaction with the citizens of Gulf countries.  The offer letter and the time period of job contract: Before coming to the Gulf for a job, you must have the offer letter in hand. The offer letter, which is sent by the company via mail, should be on the letter head of the company. The offer letter is a confirmation that you have got the job and you can head towards the preparation of going to Gulf for job.

Also, almost all the jobs in Gulf are on the contract basis, therefore, you should ask for the document confirming the time period, for which you would be associated with the company. Other than the above mentioned factors, housing facilities, the environment of the company and transport facilities should be verified before you give your confirmation of joining to the any of the company in gulf.

Oil and Gas Industry Outlook 2011

Oil and Gas Industry Outlook 2011

2011 is looking like a great year for the Oil and Gas Industry. Many projects put on hold during the recession are kicking off again and new projects continue to be planned. Global demand for drilling rigs is at an all time high and countries like Libya, Brazil, Iraq and many others, continue to allow foreign companies to flood in. As new fields are developed old fields are coming to the end of their life. Already lots of decommissioning projects are underway in the North Sea and Worldwide. High oil prices mean oil companies can offset the cost of decommissioning while continuing to expand into new areas. New rigs are being ordered, new fields developed, old fields re-visited with new technology and the renewables industry is growing and swallowing up more of the oil and gas workforce as it does. All of the above can only mean that 2011 is going to be full of opportunities. Already we are seeing an increase in the number of job opportunities posted on Oil and Gas People and feedback from the 1000+ recruitment companies using to find candidates is also very positive for 2011. Make sure you don’t miss out on any opportunities.

Oil and Gas People is now the industry’s leading job site. By updating your profile on now we will be able to match you to positions posted by over 1250 recruiters from every corner of the globe. Oil and Gas People facilitates a free match process between candidates and recruiters. We are the only place you need to look for exciting opportunities in 2011. If you are not already registered spend 15 mins building your own free online CV and let us match you to opportunities all year round. More information can be found in our handy candidate quick start guide available here If you are a recruiter more information can be found here Search hundreds of Oil and Gas Jobs here

Dr Simon Harding

Medical Transcription
Medical transcription, also known as MT, is an allied health profession, which deals in the process of transcription, or converting voice-recorded reports as dictated by physicians and/or other healthcare professionals, into text format.