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Aviation jobs in Gulf countries

Aviation industry is the most significant aspect responsible for the association between two cities or two countries. The industry is huge and therefore has job opportunities for people coming from all walks of life. Countries which have major tourist destinations are required to have well developed aviation industry, to able to provide best services to its clients. The aviation industry has flourished a lot in the recent times, major credit for which goes to the execution of the concept of globalisation. Out of all the countries, the tourism sector of the states located in the gulf region like Dubai and Abu Dhabi is achieving heights. This is leading to the rise in the number of aviation jobs in gulf .

The candidates applying for the jobs in gulf need to be aware of the cultures and the practises followed in its respective cities. A large number of people fly from their home land to gulf countries on a regular basis, due to the presence of their business globally. The workforce employed in the aviation sector of the gulf countries, should not only be aware of the local practises, but should be well versed with the international standards of tourism. Personnel, trained in the ground as well as in the cabin crew are required by the companies in the gulf aviation sector. It is very important for the company to hire trained professionals, so that they provide best hospitality services to its clients. They should be able to impress the tourists and make them a permanent customer of the company. The aviation jobs in Gulf can be searched on internet and through other employment newspapers and magazines. There is always a requirement of people from different cultural and regional backgrounds, to be able to cater clients from different parts of the world. Therefore, Gulf aviation industry is meant to employ candidates from foreign countries as well. Aviation sector lists a number of posts and job opportunities under it. From an engineer to a communication manager everyone is required, to keep the track of aviation industry moving smoothly.

Few of the job opportunities, in the aviation sector of Gulf, can be listed as:

• Job in the Ground staff

• Job as Aerospace engineers

• Job as crew members

• Jobs as a pilot

• Job for technical assistance

• Jobs in the Aviation Business & Management department

• Job in the Air Traffic Control

• Job in the designing department All these job profiles, forms the most important part of the aviation sector and helps in its smooth functioning. The candidate applying for the aviation jobs in gulf, should have credible degrees and should have completed their education from a reputed institute. The candidates can apply for the job, by directly going to the website of the company and uploading their resume or can apply through any job portal. There are many job portals, which are specifically meant to cater the audience looking for jobs in gulf. The ongoing developments in the world, supports the fact that tourism and aviation industry is sure to rise in future. Hence, there will never be any dearth of jobs in the aviation sector. There is always going to be the demand of well educated and talented candidates. Another important factor, which the candidates applying for any kind of job in the foreign countries should keep in mind, is the communication skills. The speaking and the presentation skills of the employees should be very well polished, so that they are able to communicate effectively with the clients and understand their point of view.

Healthcare jobs in Gulf

Healthcare industry is one sector, which has been growing relatively high in almost all the economies of the world. The dependency of the common man on medicine and its other related services has increased a lot and people are opting newer measures to stay fit. All this awareness and urge among the people to remain healthy throughout their life, has given a boost to the healthcare industry. Like all the other countries, Gulf region has also witnessed great development in its healthcare sector. A significant number of medical institutions, hospitals and clinics have got opened in the gulf countries and are therefore creating opportunities for  healthcare jobs in gulf . Even in the times of downturn, healthcare sector was one sector, which maintained its growth and hardly got affected by the same. According to a report, it is believed that by the year 2025, the healthcare market of Gulf will grow fivefold and due to this sound growth, loads of opportunities will get created for the specialist providers, which are meant to offer tertiary services to the healthcare industry.

Due to the growing healthcare market in gulf, large numbers of companies are investing there. The increase in the business of other industries also adds to the growth in the healthcare sector. As more number of companies, get opened in the gulf, larger employees are enrolled, due to which the requirements of the medical sector also grows. More the number of people, larger is the need for medical professionals to attend them. Other than hospitals and clinics, there are many other corporate sectors, where medicinal experts are required. Pharmaceutical industry is one of them. Pharmaceutical jobs in gulf are counted among few of the preferred job fields, which are opted by foreigners in different regions of gulf.

Due to the unavailability of skilled labourers in gulf, healthcare as an industry also invites applications from talented workforce all across the globe. Candidates with good qualification and experience in the respective fields get good salaries and they are valued high in the industry. There has always been the demand of professionals in the Oil and Gas industry of Gulf, because of it being the seventh largest reservoir of oil. Due to this, the candidates with higher degrees of qualification in the fields of finance, healthcare and tourism sectors are in scarcity. All this supports for the need of healthcare professionals and practitioners from foreign countries, to serve in the healthcare sector of Gulf. From doctors to nurses to pharmacists, people of all professions are required by the healthcare industry to serve the people of the gulf.

Also, with the people getting more concerned about their health, healthcare sector is gaining the position of number one requirement for people across the globe. The changing lifestyle is also a contributing factor for the increase in demand of healthcare professionals in Gulf. Many cities in gulf, has adopted the cosmopolitan culture, which is very much evident of the fact that people in gulf would have health problems due to the negative effects of the modern lifestyle. Personal trainers, gym instructors, dieticians are few of the other professions, where one can seek healthcare jobs in Gulf. Few of the main job options, which one can look in the healthcare sector of Gulf, are:

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Surgeons
  • Clinical research jobs
  • Pharmaceutical jobs
  • Job as a dietician
  • Job as a gym instructor
  • Job as a personal trainer

All these jobs can be searched by a candidate, by surfing the internet, or digging the employment papers of gulf. The candidates applying for the job should be willing to serve the people of different cultures with full dignity and devotion, to cure their ailments and save them from diseases.


MLM Is A Solution For Job Seekers

The recent economic conditions have found millions of Americans unemployed and many million more working less hours each month than they would like to. On top of that, a large number are now stuck at jobs at a lower pay rate than they require to survive on.

Because of this, many millions have felt their quality of lifestyle drop. They are giving up not only luxuries, but day to day essentials too. Many families have taken in their parents or grown children because they can not make it on their own.

Job security is a thing of the past. Every month for several years an increasing number of top-quality people, previously earning a significant income, have responded to my advertising, searching for an alternative.

An increasing number of people are searching for another means of income. People ask me all the time if MLM or network marketing is a practical option for job seekers. My answer is always the same…Most definitely!

These are the key points why building an MLM business makes sense to job seekers.

MLM or network marketing is a proven home based business model. It has delivered a dream lifestyle of both finances and free time to countless families all over the globe who could not have achieved it by working a traditional job.

Excellent training is readily available. Your sponsor in the company has a financial interest in your success. The MLM buiness model is developed around teamwork and taking pleasure in seeing the next person make more money.

Start-up costs are low. MLM has proven itself as a way those who have limited money and without previous business experience can make a considerable income from a very part-time schedule working for themselves.

By combining the right training and marketing program with a little effort, new networkers can create cash flow almost immediately and build lifetime residual income, also.

Yes, MLM or network marketing is a viable alternative for job seekers.

Jobs in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, also known as Cyberabad, or the silicon valley of India, is the hub of IT and Software industry in the country. The city is known for its infrastructure and the technological developments it has gifted to the whole world.

Most of the top IT companies have their headquarters based in the city of Hyderabad. It is also the pearl city of India and the capital of Andhra Pradesh. All these factors, makes it a very attractive job destination. IT, Software, networking are few of the fields, in which a candidate can easily find a job in Hyderabad. The presence of numerous IT and software companies makes it all the more easy to find a Job in Hyderabad. The interests of the youngsters have increased towards the IT field, which is because of the development of the IT sector in India. Technology is the term, which has overpowered the whole lifestyle of the human beings these days. This leads to the demand of more of engineers and IT experts in India, which is proportional to the increase in the number of IT Jobs in India.

Networking is an important sector, which enables the proper functioning of the IT sector and a large number of students can be seen opting it as a career. Hardware and Networking jobs are easily available in Hyderabad, because of the web the IT companies have formed in the city. For grabbing a good networking job, the candidate must have a qualified degree from a renowned college in India. The courses and the career options in Hardware and Networking field have increased with time. Depending on the qualification and experience, a candidate can get various jobs in Networking. Few of the Networking jobs in Hyderabad, are:

  • Job as a Network Administrator
  • Job as a Network (Systems) Engineer
  • Job as a Network (Service) Technician
  • Job as a Network Programmer/Analyst
  • Job as a Network/Information Systems Manager

The roles and responsibilities of these people are different, depending on the level of the job they are working on. The candidates must see that they perform each and every task assigned to them with full dedication and that they are very fair to the responsibilities handed to them. The candidate should always opt for job in a company, which is reputed in the market and which promises a good growth to its employees. Few of the top IT and telecom companies in India, where candidates can apply for networking jobs, are:

  • Accenture
  • 3Com
  • HCL Technologies
  • Infosys
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Nokia
  • Oracle
  • Reliance Infocom

All these companies maintain world class standards in providing services to its customers; therefore, they expect the same from their employees. The employees working in these IT companies are required to be highly dedicated towards their work and they should know how to perform their job without any errors. The salaries and the remunerations paid to the employees in IT companies of India are according to their work experience and the level on which they are working. There are frequent hikes provided by many IT and Software companies, to not let its employees move to other organisations. The work timings and the days of work depends on the work pressure and the field in which the employees are working. Also, the job timings in many IT companies of India are flexible, which is a very attractive perk for the engineers, because they are able to work according to their convenience. Shifts are also a practise followed in many software and networking companies, due to the requirement of 24 hours service to its customers. All these factors, makes IT and networking jobs all the more exciting and interesting to opt for a youngster.

Finance jobs in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, the capital, is one of the biggest metropolis and the second largest city of UAE. Abu Dhabi is the home to many financial institutions and even has many important banks. The people of city have adopted the cosmopolitan culture and have achieved a lot. The relatively high income of the citizens of Abu Dhabi has contributed a lot towards the development of the city. The architecture and the infrastructure of the city are highly advanced and are in accordance to the global standards. Due to all these developments, the density of jobs in Abu Dhabi is also growing. People searching for jobs in Gulf, can end their search by winning over a flourishing career opportunity in Abu Dhabi.

Being the capital of UAE, the city has many cultural, commercial and political organisations, which adds to its attribute of being a job friendly city for foreigners. Of all the other career fields, jobs in the finance sector, has been growing very fast in Abu Dhabi. The city has significant financial institutions like the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, head offices of many important companies and Multi National Companies. All the important companies and MNC’s hire private agents or financial institutions to fulfil their finance jobs. To manage huge earnings of the people of Abu Dhabi and its investment require people, who are professionals in the field of finance which gives birth to more finance jobs in Abu Dhabi.

For the proper processing and development of a company or an organisation, its management requires finance professionals, who can handle the money well. There have always been the availability of petroleum and oil jobs in gulf, but because of the advancements, production of jobs in almost all fields is happening. People of Abu Dhabi are not well prepared to tackle these jobs, due to which, professionals from outside gulf, are invited to serve the advancements of the country. Banks and other financial institutions are very important for a common man also. Any developing country heading towards a metropolitan culture requires its financial institutions to be strong and dependable. Therefore, Abu Dhabi being the centre of development has the majority of finance jobs for well trained and highly skilled candidates.

Few of the finance jobs in Abu Dhabi, which can searched by a candidate, are:

• Jobs in banking

• Job as a finance Planner

• Job as an Investment manager

• Job as Insurance Agents

• Jobs as a Financial Analyst

• Jobs as a Mutual Fund Analyst

• Jobs as an Accounts Manager

• Job as a Claims Adjuster

• Job as an Auditor

There are jobs available at junior, middle, senior, all levels, giving opportunities to candidates from all backgrounds. The candidates are required to have good qualification and valid experience for the post applied. A large number of foreigners can be seen applying for the jobs in Gulf, because of the attractive remunerations paid by the companies. Especially, employees working in the finance sectors are paid really well, attracting more applicants from abroad.

The candidates looking for jobs in Gulf, can search through various mediums to find a job in their dream destination. Internet and newspapers are the two most important sources, which are highly trusted and frequently used by the job seekers. The increasing demand of workforce from financial sector of Abu Dhabi has lead to the set up many financial educational institutions in Gulf. This would help in the utilisation of young talent for the country itself. Therefore, for now and the times to come, the jobs for finance sector in Gulf is sure to grow and add more opportunities for generations to come.

Before joining a job in gulf

Home or home land is a place, which binds us to its comfort zone. We always feel so secured and safe, working and living in the areas, which are known to us. It gives us the space to grow and blend according to our comfort. Job is a very important element for our survival, the environment of which should be very friendly and according to the convenience of the employee. There are many jobs available in different countries, but people living in the developing nations of the world, mainly look for jobs abroad.

Though, they know, that it’s not easy to live far from the home land, but still, one has to do this earn better and give better facilities to his family. Leaving the zone of your comfort and exploring and adjusting in an altogether new place is actually a challenge. Many nations are inviting foreign candidates to join their companies and add to their development. One of such countries, which is creating job opportunities for the freshers and inviting talented workforce is the countries in Gulf. Jobs in Gulf have always been popular among people across the world. Especially, jobs in the field of oil and petroleum sectors are in abundance and therefore workforce for the same is always in demand. Therefore, you can see a large number of candidates seeking jobs in Gulf. Every person does a job to earn the living for his family and to attain professional satisfaction. But still money is not everything; you also need to have a good place to work, where in you can adjust according to your ease. Irrespective of the fact, how many companies you have worked with, every job is considered a new beginning and a new war towards the achievement of survival. Following are few of the things discussed which you must take before going to Gulf for a job:

Crack a good job opening: It is very important that you should have a job in hand before coming to gulf for jobs. After reaching in UAE and then searching for job, is not the right way. This can land you in many risks and create a problem for you. So pro-activeness is the key to have a successful career in abroad. You should always search your job through internet or other common search modes, before landing in Gulf for a job.  Do a research about the country: The customs and cultures of every country differs from each other, therefore before you go for a job to a foreign land, you must research about it properly. In the same way, the practises and customs of Gulf countries are also different, which are meant to be followed by the people living and working there.

So, it’s beneficial for you to understand it before and which would help you to maintain the decorum of the practices there. This would also add to your comfort level and bring an ease in your interaction with the citizens of Gulf countries.  The offer letter and the time period of job contract: Before coming to the Gulf for a job, you must have the offer letter in hand. The offer letter, which is sent by the company via mail, should be on the letter head of the company. The offer letter is a confirmation that you have got the job and you can head towards the preparation of going to Gulf for job.

Also, almost all the jobs in Gulf are on the contract basis, therefore, you should ask for the document confirming the time period, for which you would be associated with the company. Other than the above mentioned factors, housing facilities, the environment of the company and transport facilities should be verified before you give your confirmation of joining to the any of the company in gulf.

Tips for a winning a Job interview

Job interviews have always been the most frightening moment in the life of the students. Especially freshers, usually get terrorised with the name of interview.

Students in their schools and colleges are always taught with the basics of dealing with the interviews. But, the students are still carrying the factor of fear, when they go for a Job interview. The candidates going for the interview need to be very well prepared for the same. Resume is the very first thing, which the candidate should work on. A presentable and impressive resume is half the job done; it develops a niche for the candidate in the mind of the interviewer. Formation of a strong resume is the foremost step, towards the success of giving a job winning interview. Clearing the job interview is no less than winning the vacant position to lead the career in the right direction. Therefore the candidates have to prepare very hard to win a job in any of the top organisations of the country.

Following are few of the tips, which would help the candidates in clearing the interview and creating a win- win situation for himself:

1.)    Resume Services: The first and the most important step, is the formation of a strong and an impressive resume, which could catch the attention of the employer out of the thousand others. The resume should be short and crisp and should be able to convey more in those short words. There should be mention of the facts about the achievements of the candidate in the resume, which would credit to his calibre.

2.)    Research about the employer: Before going to the interview, the candidate should always do a proper research about the employer or the organisation, in which he is going to give the interview. It gives a positive impression on the employer and helps the candidate to answer the trickiest of the questions. A well informed and intellectual employee is always appreciated; therefore, the candidate should always keep himself updated about the general knowledge and the latest happenings in the industry.

3.)    Prepare: The candidate should always be well prepared for the job interview and must be ready for all the questions to be asked by the interviewer. Handling the critical situations, should also be the forte of the candidate.

4.)    Strengths and weaknesses: The candidate should always assess himself honestly. He must know his strengths and weaknesses, according to which he is able make himself fit to the job role. The strengths should be presented in a way, that the employer feels positive about the utilisation of the candidate’s talent for the respective position.

5.)    Never criticise: The candidate should never ever criticize the present office, he is working with at the moment. It gives a bad impression on the interviewer and decreases the chances of selection for the candidate. Rather than cursing the environment in the previous office, the candidate should focus on the career aspirations, which he is not able to achieve being a part of the current organisation.

6.)    Be confident: Confidence is the key for winning the job interview. If the candidate is nervous, then it can land him to troubles, therefore he should always be cool minded and should carry an optimistic behaviour. The candidate should act himself, and should never try and copy someone. Originality adds a lot to the chances of the candidate for winning the job.

Other than all the above mentioned points, the candidate should always be properly dressed and should carry a smile on his face. Good Communications skills and the ability to present himself in an encouraging way, credits to his probability of getting selected for the respective job.

Teachable Fit: Realigning Talent 2020

Manpower survey 31% of employers worldwide who stated that they are having trouble filling position due to talent mismatch.

The 2010 U.S. hardest Jobs to fill are Skilled Trades, Sales Reps, Nurses, Technicians, Technicians, Drivers, Restaurant/Hotel Staff, Management/Execs, Engineers, Doctors, and Customer Services Reps,

Why is it getting harder to find the right people?

Manpower reports employer want it all:

  • Ever more specific skills sets combinations
  • PLUS soft skills (like critical thinking or public speaking) that will help the company excel
  • PLUS a good cultural fit

Consequently, “a commitment to training and development is central to building a sustainable talent strategy,” says Manpower.

Employers and companies cannot always find the perfect candidate. There is a lack of qualified candidates to meet current and much less future needs.

Where there are shortages in skills, employers cannot fill the gaps one position at a time.

In order to address the growing talent mismatch and talent gap, Manpower introduced the Teachable Fit framework.

Teachable Fit framework provides a viable workforce talent strategy to close the gap between employer needs and the abilities of candidates and employers (

For employment seekers, the beauty of the Teachable Fit framework encouarges employers and companies to look for talent in non-traditional places and identify the right persons with the right skills.  As seekers, this gives us the power to be employees of choice.  In other words, you are in driver’s seat to showcase your special and unusual skills and abilities to increase your employability

The art of career search

Career search is often a time consuming and daunting task, yet it doesn’t have to be. The boom of the Internet and career search engines, as well as specialised career search sites, has made career search easy and accessible to both employees and school leavers. 

A successful career search starts with an impressive CV and many career search websites offer tips and tools for making a great CV, which is of paramount importance in any career search of any nature. Avoid making the same old boring mistakes when embarking on your career search; whether it is your first job you’re looking for, or if you are doing a career search to advance your career path, focus on being remarkable. Quality career search sites will offer advice on how to achieve this and what to avoid on your career search path. A career search will require you to market and sell yourself to the potential employer, and a clever résumé can be the perfect career search accessory for setting you apart from others. 

Research is key in any successful career search and as much as the Internet can be a huge asset to your search, it can also be a trap, as it offers so much information. Therefore, when doing research or a career search online, be sure to stay focussed on what information you need. Recent career search studies suggest that you should focus your attention on two areas. These are, preparing for the interview, and networking. Networking is another very useful career search tool.

Part of your interview preparation when conducting a career search and applying for a position should include finding information on the prospective company. This will assist your career search as you will be able to assess if the company’s goals and preferences match your own. Also it will put you in a good position to ask the interviewer pertinent questions about the company and make a great impression. Another career search ‘must do’ should be knowing what your ‘value’ in the labour market is. This will help you secure a fair compensation package.

 A career search can also be conducted via networking. And while traditional career search face to face networking is considered important, it is equally important to stretch your career search networking into a new dimension: the internet. Career search networking online will expand the number of people who know you and thus may be able to assist in your career search.


How To Become A Model; Find A Job Today With Us And You Could Quickly Be Making Thousands Every Month!

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Medical Transcription
Medical transcription, also known as MT, is an allied health profession, which deals in the process of transcription, or converting voice-recorded reports as dictated by physicians and/or other healthcare professionals, into text format.