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Is Attraction Marketing A Scam? What's it really about?

Have you been trying to build a business online and keep coming across this Attraction Marketing thing? What’s this all about and more importantly how will it help me? Putting things simply Attraction Marketing is about increasing your knowledge and skill set in your field so that people literally chase you down to work with you. The system was made popular through the Magnetic Sponsoring program and has become viral. It has been responsible for thousands upon thousands of HIGHLY successful internet entrepreneurs.


Magnetic Sponsoring, which was created by Mike Dillard has been the cause of a lot of commotion on the Internet. Allow me to share with you how it got started. Mike Dillard started out as a waiter making hardly any money and struggled to make ends meet. He was “building” his network marketing business like millions of people have tried. Not too different from 95% of Network marketers, Mike had little to no success. Chasing prospects down and trying to persuade friends, family, and people he knew to join the business. Eventually Mike hit a gold mine, and starting sponsoring people at an alarming rate.

The system is more of a way of thinking than anything else. In order to build a successful network Marketing business and build a team you’ve got to be able to provide value to others. When someone joins, they are joining the person..not the company and not the product. Sure, it helps to have a company and product that are good, but ultimately people want to be with a leader. What traditional network marketer’s don’t tell you, is how they are really building their business.

Those that are successful in this business are able to attract people to them. Why? Because they have a knowledge, confidence and attractiveness about them that makes people want to join them. This is the exact system Mike Dillard teaches and uses, and has helped thousands of people build a highly successful network marketing businesses.

Magnetic Sponsoring has been responsible for leaders like Jonathan Budd, Katie Freiling, and many others.

Plain and simple this system works, and gets results.


Internet Strategies For building a Successful Network Marketing Home Based Business

You have found the right network marketing home based business, set up your home office with a phone, computer,  a comfortable chair, along with a good luck charm, and now its time to get busy marketing that dude. The question, where to start?

Marketing is about finding customers who want to purchase your product or service. Traditional methods of “getting the word out” taught by network marketing companies,  included talking to fiends, family and basically to any one who was breathing, have fallen by the way side due to the fact they were terribly ineffective causing a very high failure rate. The internet has all but conquered  the marketing dilemma by offering an excellent platform for promoting business quickly and efficiently providing the ability for business owners to inexpensively put systems into place that can bring hordes of highly targeted traffic to any given web site.

Providing your network marketing company offers a complete web ready business and marketing funnel it is time to start marketing. If by chance your company doesn’t offer this your work will be cut out for you because you will have to build your own web pages, supply an order processing system and purchase web hosting along with a ton of other tasks. So your company will have a ready made funnel right?

As in most cases when starting a new business funds are limited so using free methods are a good place to begin.

Free classifieds are in no short supply on the web and they will produce leads and sales. To find these sites simply Google free classifieds and this will produce a good size list from which to start so create some accounts and start posting. The more ads you post the better the results. This is a numbers game so work the numbers. Free classifieds are a great place to hone ad writing skills where money isn’t being spent on the learning curve.

Writing articles and posting them in article directories is another great free method of marketing. Write articles on topics that relate to your business or  products. These articles are for information purposes only so don’t pitch your business or make a blatant advertisement because these types of articles will be rejected. Provide value and answers to readers problems and you will go far. Directories do allow back links from  articles to web sites which are a good source of targeted traffic. Articles are also a numbers game so writing one or two won’t do the trick. If writing isn’t your thing you can find someone to do this for you but make sure you provide them with the search terms your buyers will be using to find your offer.

Press releases are another powerful way to market a network marketing home based business. These are written in a third person format just like in newspapers or as a reporter would when interviewing someone. After writing a release which includes your quality search terms, it can then be submitted to a press release sites which will distribute the release for you. There are free press release sites on the web that will produce some traffic but the best ones charge a fee and allow live links to your web sites.  Try to write at least one release a week minimum.  Marketing is a lot of work but the results are worth it.

Banner advertising is probably one of the oldest methods of marketing on the web and its still highly effective. This is a paid traffic source and you will need a banner. Many network marketing companies will supply ready maid banners ready for use for their members. You will want to place your banner on websites that have a great deal of traffic and are related to home business, network marketing or something similar. Picking a site and getting in touch with the owner for billing details is the process. Start out spending a small amount at first and if the traffic is good and it converts to sales, increase your spending.

After mastering at least a few marketing techniques there will come a time when you will want to try pay per click advertising or PPC. This is not for the beginner because doing it wrong can cost you a fortune. On the other hand becoming an expert in PPC can make you a fortune. PPC ads are displayed all over the web on websites, blogs, down the sides as well as across the top and at the bottom of search results. This is such a powerful marketing method because it brings people to your web site at the exact moment they are looking for what you are offering.

There are a horde of ways to get traffic to you network marketing home based business. These mentioned here are a few that are very effective for driving traffic. To have a steady lead flow start off with one method, perfect it and then move on to another and watch your business snowball into an extremely profitable enterprise.

Exceptional Ways of Earning Money From Home Exposed!

This attitude can actually lead to a bigger problem since not going to work would definitely mean no salary for you. These days, you can do away with this kind of problem through the help of the worldwide web. This is because earning money from home is by now truly possible with the arrival of the Internet.

The Internet has benefited humankind in various ways, especially when it comes to generating more money, more profits, and more income. In fact, you can already start earning money from home through the following ways:

- Content Writing: Your writing skills can be your secret weapon to earn money even if you are at home. This is because there are now a myriad of websites which are willing to pay for each article that you submit, provided that all your written articles are related to their site, and you have included their ads in your articles. Aside from the payment which you will receive from your written articles, you can also receive additional payments for every click of the web visitors on the ads included on your written and submitted articles.

- Affiliate Marketing: This is another easy way you can earn money online and at home. You just have to first create a website, which will act as an affiliate of a certain product. You can do this by simply putting their ads on your website. Once a visitor clicks on a particular ad, you can instantly gain money or commission for that single click. You can earn money through affiliate marketing in three ways, namely pay-per-sale, pay-per-lead, and of dourse pay-per-click.

- Online Auctions: This can really work well on your part especially if you have many things in your home which you want to sell. You simply have to list all those things in a legit auction site. One of the legit auction sites where you can sell some of your things is eBay. Nevertheless, you still have to be very careful when selling things in any online auction site because there are already tons of fraud buyers on the web nowadays.

Indeed, earning money from home is possible through these aforementioned ways. You just have to be aware of the real nature of those ways to earn money online without any hassles. After all, acquiring lots of information about content writing, affiliate marketing, and selling things on an online auction site is very easy now through fast Internet access.

Network Marketing or Net Marketing?

Is it Network Marketing or Net Marketing? Which is correct? It’s said (practically everywhere on the Internet) there has been a surge of successful new network marketers that have emerged from nothing to the top of the industry by building their businesses on the Internet. But what does that really mean- “building their business on the Internet?”

First off, let’s be really clear. Network Marketing is about building relationships with other people.

Even though the Internet allows some people to hide behind their computer screens, the successful networkers are not. In fact, the core principles of network marketing have not changed, and the Internet is just ANOTHER delivery mechanism.

The process of building a successful network marketing organization online is simple:

1. Build a contact list
2. Invite Your Prospects To a Presentation
3. Deliver Your Presentation
4. Follow Up and Sponsor
5. Train Your New Members

Does this look familiar?

So if building a network marketing business appears to be the same as it always has, what’s so different?

Building a contact list is a requirement of having a successful business whether you build it offline or online. Never before have there been so many millions of people searching for an opportunity. Many of those millions who are  looking for ways to make money from home are using search engines to facilitate their search. So essentially all you need to do is learn how to tap into the traffic on the search engines. However, DO NOT buy into all the hype you see about building that list instantly online!  Why? Because you have to learn the process and believe me it is a Process! Ask any of the online marketers who are claiming success, and if they tell you the truth you will learn it can take several years to get the formula right! Of course you can shortcut that learning curve by BUYING what they are selling promising you instant lists of prospects.  Do NOT be FOOLED! You will still have to learn the process and it is far more involved than just meeting someone while you are out shopping, for instance.

Next, inviting and conducting business presentations are still the norm and are required to pass on the information to your prospects.  If you haven’t learned it yet, you will find that many online marketers tell you they JUST simply send emails to a mass amount of prospects through their autoresponder or contact management system to have their contacts visit an online presentation. However, remember the fact you have to build that list first and usually the object of an online marketer is to sell you his METHOD of gathering those names and then you have to implement it and drive it to start building that list. In person, you will meet a few people today, and a few more tomorrow, and over the time you spent learning how to build a list, spending the money doing it you will find you could have begun building your list in person from day one.

Following up prospects and relationship building is best done one-on-one, and the NET Marketers are beginning to realize this and are hiring those capable of the HUMAN interaction to build their business! Remembering that network marketing is still about building relationships, human contact is still important.  I KNOW that communicating directly with your prospects to help them get started, either over the phone or an Internet communication system like Skype, where you can speak directly with the person on the other end is still the BEST way to do it! Don’t believe me, well how many emails have you opened lately, or better yet…How many unopened emails do you have in your email box(s) now?

By personalizing the enrollment process, you will find that a much higher number of members join your business.

And finally, training new members is done through all modalities…offline, websites and online systems. In fact, this is one area where the true power of the Internet creates a massive amount of leverage for all marketers. There is much debate over how you can get duplication in your network marketing business.  In my 30 years I know the answer! It is called training! No-one gets into this business to fail, and training is sought out by many. You and they can be trained in the comfort of each home….however let me caution you again.  The in-person training adds the element left out by the Internet…..the FAMILY aspect of network marketing  which is the GLUE in our profession.  People will leave a company in a heartbeat, but they will never leave a family! The Human side is needed to build that family.  It is true you can use a video training course to show them exactly how to build their business. however when you add the Family (glue) to your business you will create the ultimate leverage in your business and grow bigger than you ever thought possible.

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care!

Ron Forrester

How to make money processing emails or with email processing

Can you earn $1000 a day processing emails from the comfort of your home? This is what many advertisements for email processing want you to believe, but most of us are wise enough to realize that a lot of these ads aren’t true. There are many claims for email processing jobs on the web that are simply scams. However, when you think wisely about it, there are things you can do so that you can make some money processing emails. Here’s how:

Advertise your email processing services. Use free online classified websites like, or Set up an ad where you offer your services as a virtual assistant in the “services offered” directories or in internet marketing/online business areas.

Many business owners receive tons of emails and need help sorting and replying to them, so try setting up yourself as a virtual assistant and offer email processing as one of your services.  Check out these websites to offer your services:,,, You can also browse work-at-home forums (do a search on google) to find places where you can set yourself up as a virtual assistant and also take a look at what other people are charging for these services.

Start yourself a free blog at and discuss your services. Post as often as you can – also to send traffic to your blog, advertise in the free classified sections again (see above). With time you may get ranked in the search engines and could attract new clients with your blog.

If you don’t have any success with advertising or your own blog, try to find an email processing job on websites such as, or (there are others just Google them). There are hundreds of jobs posted every day, so you may have to be persistent and check these sites out often. You should be able to find an email processing job with some persistence. Remember, persistence always pays off!

Finally, once you’ve landed an email processing job, perform your work professionally. Don’t be sloppy and make sure you follow the guidelines. Also, ask every question you have to do the job exactly as has been requested. This way you will be making money over and over again.

Good luck!

7 Deadly Sins Of MLM (Part1)

In all business structures there are things you want to do to be successful and there are things you want to avoid. It is easy to focus on the things that help us build a successful business, but avoiding the pitfalls can be the deciding factor in whether your business blooms or withers. Here are 7 of the most deadly pifalls in starting a business.

#7 Losing Faith!
You must understand that when you start a business it takes a lot of work to get to where you need to be. Unfortunately, we allow ourselves to be hoodwinked by predators out there who convince us that if pay $500 for their product we will be rich in only a few months. This is foolish. Yes there are ways to make a consistent and wealthy income online in network marketing, but it doesn’t happen over night. There are ways to make money quickly to help support your business, but the real money comes with hard work and dedication. Don’t lose faith in your business because it’s been a month or two and you haven’t seen the results you are looking for. Sometimes it takes time to get to where you want to be, but when you get there you will know you deserve it.

#6 Blind Leading The Blind!
Stop playing follow the leader! There are plenty of Network Marketers out there who prey on peoples hopes and dreams. They aren’t making a dime themselves but yet they tell you they are making $30,000 a month with this fool proof strategy. They are blind liars and are will eventually walk right of the proverbial cliff hand-in-hand with you. Don’t fall for the schemes and tricks that these vultures use to prey on people who want to make it in this world. Instead, be observant and realistic. You are probably not going to make a million dollars your first year, but it is possible to make the income you want if you are willing to put in the work. So find someone who has a realistic plan to help you succeed, and stick with them.

#5 Lying!
It baffles me why this one is even used, however, most MLMers seem to think that the only way to sell the product is to lie. If your product is so great than be forthcoming about it! Don’t try to get people excited about selling before you tell them they are selling vacuums. Let them know up front so they can make an educated decision, cause we both know that the only reason why you’re lying is you’re afraid they’ll want out. I have been in seminars where the Network Marketers spend half the day trying to get people excited and never tell them what the product is. They do this cause they know there product is horrible and they want you to at least have a little bit of excitement left after they ruin it for you. If your product is that crappy than change it, but honesty is always the best policy.

Tomorrow we will discuss sins #4-#1! Don’t miss out

Make Money Online With "ACME Phone Leads – The Future Of Affiliate Marketing"

Are you one among many affiliate marketers trying to make money online and working your butt off making a couple of dollars from an affiliate product? still carving for a profitable niche? Possibly the reason behind your lack of success is COMPETITION. Yes. It’s the stiff competition. Have you ever thought you are promoting the same product that thousands of other affiliates are promoting, not only the products they are also targeting the same website and keywords for that product. These are the factors which add to your failure. Even if you succeed and came up as an top affiliate for a particular product or a niche you only make a few dollars or a small percentage of share by doing all those hard work such as website building, writing articles, SEO optimization, creating splash pages, landing pages, link building blah blah blah…  and wait for google to rank your site in top ten positions for your target keywords. All this requires lots of work and the more important it consumes a huge amount of time for getting the site on first page of Google for you to make that few dollars.  From now onwards this will become your past. Read further to learn a new way to make money online  called as the “Future Of Affiliate Marketing”.

Business Overview

ACME Phone Leads” is a new program launched by Tissa Godavitrane which will change the way affiliate make money online. It’s not about creating lot of websites, splash pages, landing pages and promoting the same affiliate product that competes with thousands of other affiliates. It’s all about helping the Local Business grow that’s where the “new” money is for “smart” affiliates. The future of affiliate marketing is about building relationships with local businesses in your own backyard who already have websites and where you have zero competition from other affiliates. After a month of hard work Tissa had integrated 232 Pre-negotiated offers from  Local businesses in Northern Virginia, Dallas, Texas and North Carolina. Affiliates can start promoting them and earn commission. More and more offers will be added from other states in the future so you don’t have to worry whether others are promoting the same offer.

How will you earn money with ACME Phone Leads?

Well, after signing up as an affiliate you will have access to 232 business who have already contracted with ACME Phone Leads. You will be assigned a unique phone number which is linked to you only. All you have to do is promote the phone number, get people to call from it, and you will earn commission FOR EACH CALL!! How much? Well that depends on from where the call originated and what’s the duration of the call, you will earn anywhere from $10-$50 the minimum being $10 for each qualified lead.

Affiliates can also earn residual  income from a 5 level MLM compensation plan when they shared the business opportunity with others.  Earn $25 from every direct referral you refer to the business and $5 from their referrals till 5 level in residual income. That’s a solid income stream and you only need one direct referral to get paid for all five levels. ACME Phone Leads referral program will pay you in 50% – 90% recurring commissions.

Overall, ACME Phone Leads is the perfect business solution for  affiliate marketers. Now it’s upon you whether you want to earn couple of dollars or make huge income helping local businesses grow and a solid MLM residual income source. Think about it!

Knowledge + Consistant Action Equals Home Based Business Success

There are many different factors that go into your home based business success. However, there are two very important pieces to the puzzle that play the biggest part in building a successful home business. Those two things are knowledge and action.

First, you need to know what to do and how to be successful with your business. Second, once you learn what you need to do in order to be successful, you need to take consistent action towards making it happen. 98% of people fail in this industry as a direct result of missing one of these two things.

They either lack the training & guidance on what to do and how to be successful, or they lack the dedication and hard work needed to make it happen. Success in the home based business industry is not hard when you know what to do and have the desire and willingness to work hard to do it.

If you’ve ever heard the many ‘rags to riches’ stories about people who went from being broke, poor, or homeless to multiple six and seven figures per year, now you know how it happened. It’s because they found an opportunity that provided them with everything they needed to succeed, and they and took action.

There are so many home based business opportunities out there, and while some of them are scams, there are a lot of great, legitimate opportunities that are going to provide you with the training, support, and guidance you need on what to do and how to be successful.

The first step towards your home based business success is to find the right opportunity, which is the easy part. The second step towards your success is on you. Once you find a good, legitimate opportunity that is going to provide you with everything you need to succeed, it’s up to you to take consistent action towards your success.

==> Click Here <== to watch a free video and learn about a home business that real people are using worldwide to replace their incomes, support their families, and live a better lifestyle. This opportunity and system has created more success stories in the last 90 days than any other home based business out there.

7 Deadly Sins Of MLM (Part 2)

#4 Smothering!
You ever have someone that liked you a lot? So much that they wouldn’t leave you alone. Did them smothering you want you to be closer to that person or farther away? Everyone wants to be loved, but no one wants to be suffocated to death with that love. The same applies to your business approach. If you tell someone about your business and they don’t seem interested or at least not as interested as you thought they should be than back-off. Don’t waist your time cramming it down their throat, because it will only make them want to get away from you not do business with you. Instead, take a more passive approach. Tell them about how wonderful the opportunity is and then leave it alone. If you sparked their interest they will ask about it again when they see you are consistently working towards it. Who knows, maybe being smooth rather than smothering will attract them even more.

#3 Expecting The World…Now!
We must set goals as a focal point of our business, but lets keep them grounded. Just because you spend 14 hours a day working on your business does not mean you will be a millionaire after your first week. Even though this might get a chuckle from a few of you the truth is most of you believe this. It’s good to have confidence in yourself, but if that confidence is not realistic you can lose faith rather quickly. Understand that you are not going to wake up tomorrow and be the greatest thing since sliced bread, however, if you continue to work hard eventually you will start earning that bread in other ways. Remember, the test of a persons true worth is not in how fast you achieve your goals, but that you achieve them.

#2 Inconsistency!
This connects to sin number one with a little more specificity. Inconsistency is a deadly pattern that is easy to get our selves into, but hard to come out of. We start off so strong and motivated but as soon as trouble arises we start changing our approach or stop dedicating ourselves to the goal like we once did. There are so many different types of strategies out there that we aren’t sure which ones to use so we dabble in them all. Slowly we become a Jack of all trades but a master of none. It is imperative that you remain consistent in your business strategy. If you want to make video’s about your business than make them and post them everyday. If you want to write articles than write and post everyday. Money can be made out there, but you must be consistent and persistent other wise you will be lost in the shuffle. The trick is not which strategy you choose, but rather consistently sticking with the one you do.

#1 The Fair-Weather Fan!
To many of us are fair-weather fans. We want to win no matter what the cost, and we are willing to root for any team or system to get those results. There are some people out there that will cheer for any team just as long as they are winning. They were Cowboys fans in the 90′s, Patriot fans at the turn of the century and were even Steeler fans until they lost this year. They cheer for the winners because they want things to come to them fast and easy and don’t want to have to put blood, sweat, and tears into anything to get results. The same applies to the business mindset. Is there a backbone in the business. Is there an allegiance or belief in a certain system or structure, or are willing to do anything or side with anyone in the hopes of getting where we want. This type of mindset hardly ever reaps the type of beneficial reward that comes with staying focused on one team or system and standing firm. This doesn’t mean you will never have to change your strategy or approach, but it does mean that when that day comes you will only be changing your bearings, rather than being a ship with no direction at all.

Numis Network Is Selling The Poor Man's Gold

Silver is definitely not new on the currency scene, as a matter of fact it dates back more than 4,000 years as a recognized use of currency. Gold has been the standard that kings, emperors, pharaohs and pirates have coveted since the beginning of time. The price of gold has always been at a premium but it’s little shiny sister is making a case to take a second look.

The U.S. Mint sold almost 30 million ounces of Silver American Eagles last year and The Royal Canadian Mint also experienced a 30% increase of their Maple Leaf Coin over 2009. It was one of the most highly regarded commodities last year and its value increased over 30% during the 2nd half of 2010. That was more than 3 times the growth of gold.

Silver is Not Just For Americans

Industrial usage of silver is exceeding its levels of 2008 and the demand for electronics and solar technology will most definitely continue to lead the charge of silver pricing. Jewelry fabrication is important to the demand for silver but with the eventual rebuilding of the global economy  the demand for silver should continue to soar.

Collectible Silver Coins or Silver Buillion

There is an argument for both and as any smart investor I believe that diversity is important for success. There is a way to compound your earning potential by getting paid to sell collectible silver coins and also buy silver bullion with some of your profits.

Numis Network is A Viable Income Source

Numis Network is a direct selling opportunity that offers people a chance to become independent representatives and sell numismatic gold and silver coins. They offer a special rate for representatives and have a lucrative compensation plan to sell their product, collect their product and earn bonuses based on performance.  This would be a perfect chance to purchase collectible coins at a good price, have unlimited residual income potential and have money to purchase silver bullion.

Medical Transcription
Medical transcription, also known as MT, is an allied health profession, which deals in the process of transcription, or converting voice-recorded reports as dictated by physicians and/or other healthcare professionals, into text format.