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How To Instantly Improve Your Chances Of Success With A Great Cover Letter

Most people don’t realize this, but a cover letter is actually the most important part of your job application process. The way you write your cover letter will initially reveal whether you are the most ideal candidate for the position you are applying for. If you plan on applying for a position in a business organization, you have to make your letter as professional as possible. You should compose the cover letter in a way that the employer will notice it and not just ignore it.

There could be several applicants vying for that particular job opening you are applying for, so the applicant who will be able to submit an application letter that has a winning cover letter will most likely get noticed easily. Once you captured the attention of the employer, your application letter will then be short listed and will be separated from the rest of the application letters. In this case, you’ll be the first candidate that will be called for an interview. Therefore, it is best that you write your cover letter professionally. By doing so, you’ll be placed on top than the rest of the job applicants and you’ll be ahead of the competition to land the job you are applying for.

A resume cover letter that is well-written should demonstrate your communication skills as well as your organizational skills. These are two things that are very important in any organization, and therefore, it is necessary that an employee should possess good communication and organizational skills. Communication is very important especially in this day and age, where all business transactions and negotiation deals are done through the Internet. A good employee must have the right knowledge and skills on the proper way of sending emails to business associates.

Most companies and other business organizations would normally look for communication skills on the people that they are hiring, and they will initially gauge this on the cover letter that you have submitted along with your resume. Your expertise of a certain field of specialization will be useless if you do not know how to convey these skills through effective communication.

The Reasons Why a Cover Letter Is So Important – Don't Miss Out

Do you ever realize that a mere typo error in your resume cover letter could lose your chance of getting hired for a job that you’ve been wanting?

Most employers, especially those world class companies from all over the world, would claim that there’s a 99 percent chance that they will never look at a resume if the cover letter contains even a minor grammatical mistake. According to them, if an applicant cannot present a perfect image when searching for a job, then it simply means that they are not perfect for the job position at all.

Resumes sent via e-mails to any company that does not contain any cover letter are often deleted. This is a sad reality, knowing that most job seekers would often spend so much time polishing their resume, without knowing that the cover letter is also as important as the resume itself.

The cover letter is actually a good venue for an applicant to talk about their experiences that are directly related to the specific job opening. It is a good way to share your special abilities and to assure the employers that you are the best person for that position. Basically, the cover letter’s purpose is to sell yourself to the employer.

People would often rush through their cover letters without taking much time to analyze the letter or proofread what they have written. Remember that this is the first written proof that your employers would see that would talk about your skills and capabilities. Therefore, you should make good at it. A good cover letter should be direct to the point, and would be able to explain the reason why you are applying for that certain position. Also, this is where you’re going to ask the employer to review the attached documents, which are the resume and other credentials, as these are the documents that lists in detail all your work experiences and educational attainment.

Essentially, a cover letter just needs to have a short paragraph or maybe two at most, and would be able to explain in a nutshell who you are and what you do, as well as the reason why you deserve the job you are applying for.

What An Employer Sees From Your Cover Letter – Important

A resume cover letter is a letter that is attached to your resume, intended to expound all those information you have indicated on your resume as well as on other credentials. It is a sad fact that most job seekers missed out on a job opportunity just because they forgot to include a letter on their resume. There is really no standard length for a needed for the letter, although what’s ideal is a maximum of three paragraphs. You should be able to easily catch the attention of the employer through the letter you’ve written.

Here are several reasons why it’s important to attach a letter in your resume:

Most employers would consider hiring someone that will stand out from the crowd and those that are able to clearly demonstrate how they will be able to fit within the organization, in case they are hired. A job seeker will be able to show the employer what they are capable of doing through a compelling letter attached in front of their resume, thus, giving them a chance to be short listed for an interview.

The letter will give your employer an idea about what your writing capabilities are. Communication is very important to any organization and that it why an employee should have the proper communication skills. Your choice of grammar, and the way you use punctuation and spelling should be carefully considered. For it to be appealing, you should master the proper use of grammar and you should be articulate with your letter, so as to make it more professional. This will certainly leave a lasting impression to the employer.

The letter also gives you a better platform to express yourself and to be able to show your real personality, as compared to what a resume can do. In addition, the resume must also follow a certain format in order to make it appear very formal. It should list down your educational attainment as well as your work experiences. The cover letter allows you to demonstrate any skills and knowledge you have on the particular job you are applying for.

Is A Cover Letter Necessary – I Will Let You Be The Judge

Most people are often wondering as to when a resume cover letter will be necessary. Or is it necessary? The answer to this question is simple: “yes, it is very necessary.”  In this current economic situation, if you are out searching for a job, chances are, you’ll be faced with so many people that are also seeking job as well. These people are your competitors in the job market. So if you want to earn the job that you really want, then you should take the necessary steps in order to be successful with your job search. Remember that the first impression that your employer will have of you is through the cover letter that you will include on your resume. Most of them would base their assessment through the cover letter that you have written.

Resume cover letters are so easy to compose, and this letter helps in introducing yourself, as well as your abilities to the employer. This is your means of letting them know about your capabilities, and as to why you fit on the job you are applying for. But in order for the cover letter to get the employer’s attention, you should make sure that it is written properly, so it will stand out from the rest of the cover letters submitted by some jobseekers who are also seeking to earn that same job position you are applying for.  If you are not going to include a cover letter in your resume and other credentials, you are just putting yourself at risk to be rejected. Most employers would think that a jobseeker that does not have any cover letter is lazy or unprofessional.

So if you want to land on that job you’ve been dying to have, you should never question the importance of having to include a cover letter to your resume. There is no doubt that doing such will always help you in getting hired and so you won’t be in despair with your job hunting. We cannot deny the fact that the economy seems so tough today and landing on your dream job seems difficult. So do not risk the opportunity to land the job by ignoring the simple steps of creating a resume cover letter.

Why Writing A Good Cover Letter Is Essential And How To Go About It

Basically, a resume cover letter has only one purpose, and that is to motivate the employer to review your resume and so you will have a chance to be shortlisted for the job you are applying for. In this era of modern technology, most cover letters are now being sent through e-mail, along with a copy of your resume and some other credentials. Always bear in mind though that the cover letter must be written in the message of the e-mail instead, and not just attach it as an attachment, as with the resumes and other credentials. Most of the time, employers and recruiters would tend to receive too many emails from several different applicants and they won’t have enough time to read and open in each and every attachment on the email.

It’s very important to keep the letter brief, but direct to the point. Put in mind that the person who gets to receive this letter is often very busy reviewing other resumes, too. The purpose of the letter is merely to introduce yourself to the person employer. It should be direct to the point but precise. Avoid making it too long, as this will only bore the employer who will get to read it. Remember that you are not writing an essay or a novel.

When you compose the letter, bear in mind that your goal is to make it easier for the recipient to decide to open your e-mail, read it and then open and review your resume. You should be clear and concise with your email Subject Line and place the job title as well as your name as the subject.

Another tip to writing a good cover letter is to make sure that it is personal. You may be aware that it is common and appropriate to address the reader as “Sir” or “Madam”, or sometimes you can address your letter as “To Whom It May Concern?” While these terms are appropriate and is acceptable, it is best that you address the hiring manager of the company you are applying for with his name. So do your research and find out to whom you are going to send the letter to so you would be able to address him by his name.

The Top 10 Reasons Why a Cover Letter Should Convey Your Objectives and Passion

Did you ever ask yourself if something like a cover letter was really a necessity? Or should I say instead: Do you even know that a thing like a cover letter exists? Too many people wonder if it matters-does it somehow help you get noticed?There are available templates for cover letters that are good just as they are the ordinary or generic ones that will get you tempted just so you can finish as quickly as you can possibly do.If there’s a thing truer about it than any other, it’s this: generic cover letters end up in the same result as a common resume-they are accepted, only to be left filed for another day and so on.

We came up with 10 reasons to help you understand why cover letters are important in job seeking and on why it must convey your objectives and passion:

1. It gives you another space to make your interest in the company more convincing and give away your skills, your abilities, and your potential as an employee. It markets and practically almost sells you to them in a wise and professional way.

2. Your communication skills do stay neither unhidden nor unnoticed in a cover letter that is neatly done.

3. The most compelling of people in charge of hiring people on the job read cover letters.

4. A cover letter allows you to make your letter for the job application, more personalized so that they know what it is that you can offer them. It has more room for a personalized message.

5. It is useful to make up for whatever is lacking or might be missing in your resume, in your document.

6. It helps a lot in marketing yourself, plain and simple.

7. A cover letter makes a good reason to have the decision maker keep your name always in front of him.

8. It allows you a chance for creative and helpful strategies that will get your value across the employer’s needs, making a good picture out of it and with an attention that will draw them all to it.

9. It will allow you to put in some additional key words that would cater to your employee’s specific needs.

10. It provides closure, the ticket to make it alright for you to ask for the job’s next steps.

The Best Way to Find a Job

It’s interesting to read all the different articles on writing cover letters and how to make it more effective.  I wonder, though, whether any of it is really effective – effective in actually getting that coveted job interview that is.

I know I have written a lot of articles on writing an effective cover letter, and for most part, I believe it can help.  Still, in the current job market, I wonder if too much emphasis is being placed on cover letter writing, and for that matter, resume writing?

It’s a rhetoric question obviously; you need a good resume and a great cover letter attached to it.  Your cover letter is a concise sales pitch of you.  The resume is the marketing ad sheet of what you have done in the past, so as to demonstrate what you are capable of doing in the future.

Your objective with a cover letter is simple, it’s to get a date.  It’s not to get married, although, marriage may be the ultimate objective.  You just want to get the first date. 

So, is sending out resumes to classifieds and job postings the best path for getting that first date?  Or what about going to job fairs?  Job fairs work, right?  You get to meet the recruiter face to face and hand your resume to a live, breathing human being.  Can beat that, right?  We all know the answer; again, these are rhetoric questions.

The challenge is not so much that these routes are ineffective, but that you have so much competition.  With that much competition, your cover letter and resume must be the cat’s meow for you to get that first date.

Or, what about networking?  How much effort have your really put into networking?  How much effort have you really put into keeping in touch with past co-workers and employers that you are on good terms with?  How much effort have your put into leveraging your hobbies and interests to build your network?

Put your cover letter and resume down for a moment.

Build your network.

Start by reading books by people like Harvey Mackay and Richard Bolles; learn the best ways to network from the real guru’s.

Then, do the following:

  • Join Toastmasters and begin their program.
  • Contact your local chamber of commerce for information on networking groups and meetings.
  • Contact your alumni association for the same information.
  • Search out your local community college and its career support department.
  • Join a local job group and develop a support team.
  • Join your favorite hobby group and find like minded people to brainstorm with.
  • Join your local running group (not so much to network but to stay in shape and be healthy)
  • Buy a rolodex and add a new name every day.  Meet someone new every day – not easy but neither is being unemployed.

Build your network.

Amazing Cover Letter Creator or use the Internet? Review of the benefits and disadvantages

There’s no question about it. Now that there is such great competition for jobs, everyone is using the same techniques to make sure that their resume is the one that the recruiters notice. We have all got access to the internet and everyone can read up on the current ‘best practices’ for preparing your resume – so how can YOU make a difference?

How can you make sure that your resume is the one that makes its was to the top of the pile? More and more, it’s not the resume that make the impact, but the cover letter that you send with it. It’s a fact that the majority of the people you’ll be in competition with for your next job will not present their resume with a great covering letter even though in more and more cases, it’s these cover letters that make all the difference.

Most of us, however, don’t know how to write a strong cover letter. We don’t know what the recruiters are looking for, we don’t know the triggers that make them take another look at our resume. If you want to start to take control of your career and be able to choose which of the opportunities that will come your way, then read on.

This solution is not for everyone, but if you have a number of positions you want to apply for and have not got all day to spend creating a specific, results-focused letter for each of them, or are prepared to risk missing out on the secret trigger that make recruiters pick up your resume, then read on.

I’d suggest you try out a product called the Amazing Cover Letter Creator. Crummy name, but actually not such a crummy product. It’s created by Jimmy Sweeney who is a professional copywriter and the President and CEO of a California based marketing company. He has used his experiences of reading numerous application letter that were sent to him and years of experience since developing this product to offer a new solution to the job seeker market by writing cover letters for prospective employees.

As Jimmy’s testimonials confirm, using this system resulted in many many more calls coming the way of people using the Amazing Cover Letter Creator than they had before using the creator. They found that the ingredients that were put into the letter pre sold their resume so the recruiters actually spent the time to look at their details, rather than passing on to the next candidate.

OK, so far so good. What’s in the package? Is this just another snakeoil offer that sells you something that you can get free on the internet with just a few well placed searches?

I think it’s true today to say that just about anything that you want can be found on the internet today. And if you search long and hard enough, you will probably find what you are looking for free. But as they say in the classics, ‘there’s no such thing as a free lunch’ and with this in mind, I wanted to look at what the Amazing Cover Letter Creator offered against what I could find on the internet so see if it really is worth the hypoerbole.

The Creator is a download program you get once you make the decision to purchase. As with many information based products on the internet, expect a lot of free bonuses up-sell, cross-sell and re-sell until you can complete the purchase and get to the download.

Personally, I find these tactics a little aggravating, because I do not like to be told that the product that I just purchased is not the total package and there is an upgrade, or another addition that can make my life easier. This, however is very much the way of the internet these days and it more or less is an expected part of the purchase process.

Once you are logged in, the creator offers some introductory information and an explanation of how the Amazing Cover Letter Creator works.

It’s all about inserting attention getting information into your cover letters. To be successful in this market, you have to have a letter that explains how your career brand offers a better solution to that of anyone else who might be applying for the same position.

The program will take you through the letter generating process which offer a range of letter types depending on your situation e.g. open and specific positions or prospective offers. There are a number of additional fields through which the creator makes choices around which of the letter templates is most appropraite for your needs. When all of this is done a cover letter is automatically created for you which you can simply copy and paste to complete the letter. Obviously, you will still need to format the final document.

The letters that come from the system are well crafted and include a format that is attractive to the recruiters to whom your letter will be sent. As I said before, when you have seen 100 resumes a day, and you are giving each one a cursory galnce of probably no more than a few seconds, if a cover letter is well crafted and attention grabbing, you are going to keep that resume at the top of the pile.

You will need to make some changes to the letter before it is ready to send, but esentially, the program says what it does and creates cover letters for you.

Now let’s look at the alternative of searching through the internet for the answers. Firstly you will have to be quite careful in drilling down your searches to find the sort of letters that recruiters want to see. The problem is that there is so much content on the internet, it is hard to identify what has value. In my searches, I found loads of letter formats for cover letters. My problem was that I did not know for sure that the format that was in front of me was the sort of format that recruiters want to see. I also got a lot of advice about what was the best approach to take – the only problem was that quite a lot of it was contradictory and confusing.

I am prepared to recommend this program. It is not for everone, but the the price is a fraction of what you would pay a professional cover letter writer and the quality of letter that the software generates is on par with what a professional would write for you. Where it really makes a difference is in the time it saves you in your job search. You are already spending a lot of time researching the opportunities on the internet, making calls, networing and looking at your social networks. If you then have time to craft an excellent cover letter for each job you apply for, this might not be for you. If, on the other hand, you are like me and time is at a premium, try the Amazing Cover Letter Creator

Jimmy Sweeney Cover Letters Scam

I see a lot of people that come across Jimmy Sweeny’s Amazing Cover Letters software and asking whether or not it’s a scam. As someone who has used the software, I felt my insight could help people decide if the software is right for them or not.

Jimmy Sweeeny’s Amazing Cover Letters is definitely not a scam. It is really powerful in that it creates unique cover letters catered to you and the job market you’re in. The beauty is that you can create a cover letter in minutes in virtually any field. This was a great feature for me because I was in the process of applying to a few different fields and all it took was a couple of tweaks here and there to get a cover letter for the the field I needed.

Honestly, the most appealing thing about this software is that it’s practically automatic. I know i don’t want to sit for long periods of time trying to come up with the perfect cover letter. And then if I’m applying to a completely different type of job, I have to go through the process again? No thanks! We all are looking for ways to make life a little easier. Job hunting is stressful in itself, there really is no need to add any more stress with trying to figure out how to write a cover letter that’s going to get you through the door. Let Jimmy Sweeny’s software take care of that for you and you can focus on the more important things.

I would definitely tell a friend to look into Amazing Cover Letters because it really helped me and I know it can help others who find themselves in the same position as me with difficulty writing cover letters.

5 Things to Include in a Nursing Cover Letter

When sending nursing cover letters and resumes, there are some things you’ll want to include. Here are the top 5 things.

Address an Actual Person

When you begin a letter with “Dear Sir or Madam:” or “To Whom it May Concern,” it sounds so impersonal! So, even if the name isn’t included on the job posting, try to find out who is in charge of hiring by placing a quick phone call. If all else fails, you can include the title and company, such as “To the Human Resource Manager of Cook County Hospital,” but make sure you are getting it right so your nursing resume and cover letter doesn’t end up on the mail room floor.

Be Clear About What You Want

Major hospitals may have several, or even dozens of positions open at any one time, and you want to make Human Resources’ job as easy as possible. Reference the job title, date of posting, and the medium (name of newspaper, web site address, etc.) in your cover letter. If you received a personal referral, this is good to include too. Follow up with a sentence or two about why you want the job, and why you think you will be a good fit. Nursing is a team effort, so be sure to show you will be a good addition to the team.

Make it Personalized and Relevant

Whether you are applying for 3 jobs or 30, your nursing cover letter should be as specific as possible to each job. No one likes impersonal cover letters, as it doesn’t show off your relevant skills or show that you are ready to put in some extra effort to get the job. Before you send out a cover letter, ask yourself whether it is illustrating your best side in relation to the job. If you have to spend 10 minutes tweaking it to ensure it maximizes your skills, then it only increases your chances of getting hired into a coveted nursing job.

Keep it Short and Sweet

While you want to cover off all the major points of a cover letter, you need to keep it brief. Nurse managers and human resources staff don’t spend a lot of time reading cover letters, and may even skip over long or wordier nursing job cover letters. Aim for concise sentences, keep paragraphs brief (2-3 sentences), and don’t say anything that isn’t absolutely necessary (like your passion for scrapbooking).

Provide Good Contact Information

While this may seem like a no-brainer, many people include contact information without thinking about whether they will be around to answer the phone. So, it is best to provide alternatives, such as a cell phone or e-mail address where they can reach you. You want to be there when the phone rings to schedule that interview, don’t you?

Final thoughts: End politely, spell-check several times, and keep a positive attitude!

Medical Transcription
Medical transcription, also known as MT, is an allied health profession, which deals in the process of transcription, or converting voice-recorded reports as dictated by physicians and/or other healthcare professionals, into text format.