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How to get noticed in your job for all the right reasons!

Feel like you aren’t appreciated at your job? Or that others don’t listen to or respect you? Are you overlooked for promotions and other opportunities? 

You may think the only solution is to find other work, but that’s not necessarily true.  And with today’s high unemployment rate, a new job could prove elusive.

So, before you start sending out your resume, think carefully about why you are dissatisfied with your current position. Assess yourself honestly, and determine if you’re doing everything you can to make the most of your job.

If you’re not, the same problems may follow you to a new position. Rather than search for the answers in a new job, make your current job the best it can be. You may even advance your career in the process.

When you focus on what you do, rather than what others do, you can change your life for the better.

The following tips will help you get noticed at work, for all the right reasons.

Make the most of your time at work

Your attitude can help you feel respected and appreciated at work. Concentrate on the positive, and enjoy your job.  Even those who are unhappy in their jobs can find something good on which to focus.  Maybe it’s just the background music, or the ability to be out in the fresh air.  There’s something good in everything we do. 

Maintain an upbeat attitude with your co-workers smile and say hello to those you meet.  Positive interactions with others can change one’s mood. After all, a big part of your life is spent at work, so those relationships are important. 

Keep an open mind when problems arise. The way you see things and react to them will affect what happens next.  So make every effort to be positive in every situation. 

Remember: when “woe is me,” more woe will come!

Take pride in your work 

When you feel respected and appreciated for your good work, you will feel better and will perform more confidently and professionally. 

Don’t rush through your work to get it done; become known as a person who can be relied upon to do a particular job well, while also meeting deadlines.   

Stop and appreciate every accomplishment yourself no matter how small. Our days are made up of many, many accomplishments, yet we move so quickly we don’t always reflect on what we’ve done.  Don’t wait for others to give you compliments. Keep a “celebration journal” to help remind you of the many good things that happen, and read it when you need a pick-me-up.  

Cherish the moments that make life special. Take the time to stop and think:  what is it about today that I am grateful for?  

Show your respect for others all the time

Ask yourself these questions, and make changes where needed:

  • Do I treat others in a way that is sensitive to their feelings?
  • Am I consistently fair in my interactions with others?
  • Do I speak negatively or complain about others?
  • Do I appreciate and honor differences?

Know that you have the ability to make a positive difference in your own life, as well as in the lives of others. 

Recognize that everyone is different, but we all have something in common. When you meet someone new, look forward to learning more about him or her.

Introduce yourself to people you don’t know, making sure to say their name and make eye contact.  Work hard to remember names and say hello when you see people again. 

Make sure to thank someone who does something special for you. In fact, go out of your way to thank people publicly when possible, even if it’s just an e-mail with a copy to their supervisor. 

Make it a goal to make someone else feel good each day. 

Act like a professional … be a professional

People notice both big and little things about us the words we use, our tone of voice, the way we dress, the way we present ourselves to others and they respond accordingly.

For example, if you are angry about something that happened at work and you march into your supervisor’s office, slam the door and yell about your problem, you probably won’t get the best response. On the other hand, if you walk in and politely say you have a concern you’d like to discuss, your supervisor will be more likely to listen.

Speak to others in a calm and courteous manner, even when they do not give you the same courtesy.  Be a role model a positive force to influence others.  

Respectful and professional behavior will help you get noticed for the right reasons. 

Network Marketing or Net Marketing?

Is it Network Marketing or Net Marketing? Which is correct? It’s said (practically everywhere on the Internet) there has been a surge of successful new network marketers that have emerged from nothing to the top of the industry by building their businesses on the Internet. But what does that really mean- “building their business on the Internet?”

First off, let’s be really clear. Network Marketing is about building relationships with other people.

Even though the Internet allows some people to hide behind their computer screens, the successful networkers are not. In fact, the core principles of network marketing have not changed, and the Internet is just ANOTHER delivery mechanism.

The process of building a successful network marketing organization online is simple:

1. Build a contact list
2. Invite Your Prospects To a Presentation
3. Deliver Your Presentation
4. Follow Up and Sponsor
5. Train Your New Members

Does this look familiar?

So if building a network marketing business appears to be the same as it always has, what’s so different?

Building a contact list is a requirement of having a successful business whether you build it offline or online. Never before have there been so many millions of people searching for an opportunity. Many of those millions who are  looking for ways to make money from home are using search engines to facilitate their search. So essentially all you need to do is learn how to tap into the traffic on the search engines. However, DO NOT buy into all the hype you see about building that list instantly online!  Why? Because you have to learn the process and believe me it is a Process! Ask any of the online marketers who are claiming success, and if they tell you the truth you will learn it can take several years to get the formula right! Of course you can shortcut that learning curve by BUYING what they are selling promising you instant lists of prospects.  Do NOT be FOOLED! You will still have to learn the process and it is far more involved than just meeting someone while you are out shopping, for instance.

Next, inviting and conducting business presentations are still the norm and are required to pass on the information to your prospects.  If you haven’t learned it yet, you will find that many online marketers tell you they JUST simply send emails to a mass amount of prospects through their autoresponder or contact management system to have their contacts visit an online presentation. However, remember the fact you have to build that list first and usually the object of an online marketer is to sell you his METHOD of gathering those names and then you have to implement it and drive it to start building that list. In person, you will meet a few people today, and a few more tomorrow, and over the time you spent learning how to build a list, spending the money doing it you will find you could have begun building your list in person from day one.

Following up prospects and relationship building is best done one-on-one, and the NET Marketers are beginning to realize this and are hiring those capable of the HUMAN interaction to build their business! Remembering that network marketing is still about building relationships, human contact is still important.  I KNOW that communicating directly with your prospects to help them get started, either over the phone or an Internet communication system like Skype, where you can speak directly with the person on the other end is still the BEST way to do it! Don’t believe me, well how many emails have you opened lately, or better yet…How many unopened emails do you have in your email box(s) now?

By personalizing the enrollment process, you will find that a much higher number of members join your business.

And finally, training new members is done through all modalities…offline, websites and online systems. In fact, this is one area where the true power of the Internet creates a massive amount of leverage for all marketers. There is much debate over how you can get duplication in your network marketing business.  In my 30 years I know the answer! It is called training! No-one gets into this business to fail, and training is sought out by many. You and they can be trained in the comfort of each home….however let me caution you again.  The in-person training adds the element left out by the Internet…..the FAMILY aspect of network marketing  which is the GLUE in our profession.  People will leave a company in a heartbeat, but they will never leave a family! The Human side is needed to build that family.  It is true you can use a video training course to show them exactly how to build their business. however when you add the Family (glue) to your business you will create the ultimate leverage in your business and grow bigger than you ever thought possible.

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care!

Ron Forrester

Lead NetPro

If you’re reading this article then I take it you’ve come across Lead NetPro recently. Whether you’re looking to purchase Lead NetPro or have no idea what it is, all will be revealed in this article. So what is Lead NetPro and how can you use it to grow your business?

Essentially Lead NetPro is an email and voice broadcasting system. It’s a lead generation tool and a tool only. I have had people ask me questions like “how long will it take me to see profits” or “how quickly will it produce customers”. It’s not a friggin miracle worker, it’s just a tool. With that being said, I feel that every serious marketer should have Lead NetPro in their toolbox for a couple of reasons.

First of all it’s damn cool and it’s so easy to use. A child could generate targeted leads with this tool! So how does it work again? It simply searches sites like Google and Craigslist and scrapes thousands of targeted leads for you. Once you scrape a list of targeted leads, you email them. Once you’ve emailed them, you can send them a voice mail.

Lead NetPro uses a web based system so everything is done online, not from your desktop. The email broadcaster is powerful! Lead NetPro has a very high inbox rate. Pretty much every email you send will instantly be delivered to thousands of people’s inbox’s.

What about the voice broadcasting system? Well, it can only leave voice mails on the mobiles of thousands of targeted leads. I actually think the voice broadcasting system is more powerful than the email broadcaster. I know 99% of you will disagree with that statement so I’m going to explain why. Email isn’t instant response, mobile is!

When you send out a voice mail, people will receive it instantly. The difference is that 80% of people carry their phones around with them all day long. No other marketing technique can produce instant results like mobile. If you can’t think of a way to use LeadNet Pro, you shouldn’t be in business. All in all, it’s a great tool with many functions and has the potential to explode your business.

A Truthful LeadNetPro Review

LeadNetPro seems to be popping up everywhere. Everyone seems to be using it. If your reading this article then the chances are that you have come across this tool and want a real honest truthful review. So I’m going to give you one.

LeadNetPro is a very simple piece of software that is actually web based. Just in case you were wondering, it’s an online piece of software you can use to send email and voice messaging on a mass scale. If I had to sum up LeadNetPro in a sentence, I would tell you it’s a voice and email broadcasting system that scrapes its own leads. Yes, LeadNetPro scrapes its own leads!

So what can this tool be used for? Well if you’re in a Network Marketing company or you run a small business, LeadNetPro allows you to scrape and email thousands of laser targeted leads in a matter of minutes! Think about what you could do with thousands of targeted leads!

It’s a pretty cool piece of software, very easy to use and it works. If you struggle with lead generation, you need LeadNetPro. Whether you run an offline or online business, you need leads! With a few clicks of the mouse, LeadNetPro generates thousands of leads per day!

Most people join LeadNetPro for the email broadcasting system; however the voice broadcaster is just as powerful! Think about it for a minute, what could be faster than mobile marketing? It’s instant response. People use mobiles five times as much as they use the Internet. They also always carry their mobile phones around with them every day.

So if you could deliver a voice message about your product instantly to thousands of targeted leads, you’re going to be bringing in some fast sales! The potential is huge and mobile/voice broadcasting; it’s an untapped gold mine! So on the whole does LeadNetPro work and will it make you a bunch of money? No, it won’t, however it will greatly enhance your business if used correctly.

Lead Net Pro System Overview

So what is Lead Net Pro and how can it help build your business? Well, Lead Net Pro essentially is an email and voice broadcasting system that scrapes its own leads. It’s a web based piece of software that scrapes leads, emails them and sends them voice messages. It almost eliminates the biggest problem faces by marketers, a lack of leads.

Lead Net Pro is actually very simple. You just enter in some keywords, select how much info you want, where you want it from and press start. All Lead Net Pro needs is a keyword and it will search the net for laser targeted leads. It will usually scrape a couple of thousand leads at least and they can be emailed right away. Lead Net Pro has an extremely high delivery rate, almost all the emails you send will be delivered straight to your leads inbox’s.

Just think about the power of Lead Net Pro. It would take you months to generate a few thousand leads using normal online or offline marketing strategies. You can do it in minutes with Lead Net Pro. When I first came across the tool I thought it was crap.

Just an excuse to sell a product to the people too lazy to generate leads manually. Later on I came across the site and decided to give it a go. I soon found out that it was an incredible tool and I had been wasting hundreds of hours on writing tedious articles! Lead Net Pro is fast, easy to use and instant. You can have thousands of people to call up or email in a matter of emails.

Lead Net Pro also comes with an opportunity. Yes, they use a Network Marketing business model. While Lead Net Pro do have a great compensation plan, I wouldn’t look at it as primary income stream. They use what’s called a 1up compensation plan. It’s a very traditional comp plan that doesn’t pay much long term residual income. However, it’s great for short term cash. Lead Net Pro pay a generous $300 for every customer you refer.

I am not sure on the exact details, but you usually receive your referrals second referral in a 1up compensation plan. That’s just how it usually works. You sponsor your first rep and get paid $300, then you sponsor your second and your sponsor gets paid $300. From there on you get the rest and all your reps will pass up sales to you. Again, very simple comp plan but powerful. In conclusion, Lead Net Pro is a great little piece of software that should be in every marketer’s toolbox.

LeadNetPro System – An Online Review

LeadNetPro seems to be popping up everywhere. LeadNetPro this, LeadNetPro that, everybody is talking about. Launched in 2010, LeadNetPro quickly became popular amongst the Internet Marketing and MLM crowd. After years in the Network Marketing industry the founder of LeadNetPro decided to build a piece of software that would eliminate lead generation! And that is exactly what LeadNetPro does. Apologize for using and at the start of the sentence, I know it’s bad grammar.

Anyway, if you’re looking to build a business in Network Marketing you need a consistent flow of leads. You may or may not be in the Network Marketing industry, LeadNetPro has just been very popular in the industry so I am talking to you guys. In order to sponsor reps into your company you need people to speak to.

Most Network Marketing companies tell you to make a list of all the people you know and to start ringing them up pitching them on your opportunity. Once you have burnt out all your relationships with friends and family, you need leads! Now lead generation is either very time consuming or will cost you a lot of money.

Using LeadNetPro, you literally tell the program what kind of leads you want and press go. It’s as simple as that, almost. The software is web based so there is nothing to download and it’s safe from hackers. Once you scrape yourself a nice big list of leads, you send them an email. Very simple to do, LeadNetPro has its own mailer system within the members area for you to use at will.

You just load of your leads, write your email and press send. Within minutes you can have thousands of emails being sent out to thousands of potential prospects. Now, there is more, much more. LeadNetPro have what’s called a voice broadcasting system. The voice broadcasting system obviously allows you to send a deliver a voice message to the hands of thousands of people.

Again, it does all this within minutes, not hours. Just think about the power in that. I would purchase the software for the lead scraper alone! Having an email and voice broadcasting system is just the icing on the cake. SO my honest review and experience is that LeadNetPro is an incredible piece of software and should be in the toolbox of every marketer!

Lead Net Pro System Review

LeadNet Pro has been causing a lot of buzz in the Network/Internet Marketing industry. After years of struggling to generate leads online I came across article marketing and blogging. Six months later I figured out something that started to generate me 5 leads a day. With 5 leads I day I made a couple of bucks in my Network Marketing Company, but nothing substantial. The point is that lead generation is hard and Lead Net pro solves this problem.

So how does Lead Net Pro work and how will it generate you leads? Lead Net Pro is essentially an email and voice broadcasting system that scrapes its own leads. LeadNet Pro is a web based piece of software that allows you to scrape, send voicemails and email leads.

It’s a very simple piece of software to understand, but has many functions. Primarily, people use the email broadcaster as it’s just so damn powerful. Think about it, you can just scrape targeted leads and send an email to their inbox’s in minutes.

The voice broadcaster is also nice. You can deliver voice messages to thousands of people for less than 2 cents a minute! Think about the potential there, you can instantly tap into thousands of people who are interested in what you have to offer. No other software or lead generation can do this

SO is there more. Yes there is, there is also an opportunity. When you join LeadNetPro you also join a business opportunity. You guessed right, Lead Net pro use a Network Marketing business model and they pay well.

For long term residual income, forget Lead Net Pro. However, since it comes with a fully fledged marketing system to market Lead Net Pro itself you may as well promote it for $300 per customer! Yep, you get paid a generous $300 for every customer you sponsor into Lead Net Pro. They use what’s called a 1up compensation plan which is pretty traditional in Network Marketing. So is Lead Net Pro a great tool to build your business, absolutely!

LeadNet Pro Reviewed

LeadNet Pro, what is it and how can it grow your business. Leadnet Pro seems to be popping up everywhere. There are a lot of people promoting it yet you can’t find much information about the actual company or product anywhere. So what is LeadNetPro? In a nutshell, LeadNet Pro is a voice and email broadcasting system that scrapes its own leads. It’s a very powerful piece of software and can be used to generate unlimited amounts of income while you sleep.

So what can it do and what can it be used for? LeadNet Pro has many features and functions that are capable of generating you thousands of leads per minute! LeadNet Pro was designed and founded by a Network Marketer who struggled to generate leads online for years. He decided to create a piece of software that would eliminate the greatest problem faced by marketers, a lack of leads.

Now this software was actually designed for Network Marketers; however it has become very popular amongst the Internet Marketers and small business owners. So what does it do? Using keywords, it searches the nets most popular sites and scrapes thousands of targeted leads for you.

Once it scrapes leads, you can choose whether you want to email or voice mail them or both. LeadNet Pro has a web based email and voice broadcasting system. Within minutes you can have your email being sent to thousands of targeted leads across the globe.

The best part is that LeadNet Pro completely passes spam filtering and lands your emails in your leads inbox’s. The potential is huge! Now what about the voice broadcasting system? Well it can only send thousands of voice messages to laser targeted leads for less than 2 cents a minute!

Not bad right? LeadNet Pro also comes with an opportunity. They use a traditional 1up compensation plan that pays out $300 for every LeadNetPro customer you refer. To be honest I wouldn’t look at it as a primary income earner, but it’s nice for some extra cash.

What The Heck Is Lead Net Pro

Lead Net Pro is a new internet based piece of software that claims to solve the greatest problem faced by marketers, a lack of leads. In a nutshell, Lead Net Pro is a voice and email broadcasting system that scrapes its own leads.

Using cool technology it rummages through some of nets most popular websites and find thousands of targeted leads. Literally within minutes of opening up the software you can have yourself a list of 10,000 laser targeted leads ready to contact.

There are similar pieces of software they will get you this far, they will generate you leads. Usually you need another piece of software to contact your leads. With Lead Net Pro you can generate leads, email them and even send them voice mail. If you’re in Network Marketing or run a small business, Lead Net Pro is perfect for you.

The founder of Lead Net Pro was actually a Network Marketer who struggled to generate leads for years until he had his software developed. Just think about the power in using Lead Net Pro. The leads it scrapes in a matter of seconds are not B.S leads; they are leads who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

Using the email broadcaster, you can safely contact thousands of targeted leads in under an hour. What would take months to do with traditional methods, takes minutes using Lead Net Pro.

We can also touch on the voice broadcaster, but I don’t want to go into too much detail. The voice broadcaster is not entirely free. It costs 2 cents per minute to broadcast your message to an infinite amount of leads. Whenever you run out of targeted leads, you press a few buttons and get new ones. It’s as simple as that!

Can LeadNetPro Help Grow Your MLM Busines?

LeadNetPro is a new voice and email broadcasting system that scrapes its own leads. It’s an all in one lead generation and prospecting tool. Once you buy the tool, you can scrape an unlimited amount of leads in a matter of seconds. LeadNetPro is a tool and a tool only.

LeadNetPro was initially built for Network Marketers looking to generate leads quickly. After it launched in 2010 it became a huge hit amongst online marketers. Although it was meant for struggling Networkers, it’s now used by thousands of marketers and small business owners around the globe.

So how does LeadNetPro work and what can it actually do? LeadNetPro is completely web based. There is no software to download, you do everything online. LeadNetPro is a pretty simple piece of software. It browses search engines like Google and classified ad sites like Craigslist’s for targeted leads.

Once it finds them, it simply scrapes them and they are ready for contacting. LeadNetPro has two very powerful broadcasters, an email and voice broadcaster. For less than 2 cents a minute you can send your voice message to thousands of laser targeted leads around the globe.

The voice broadcaster is very powerful. Just think what that could do for your business. I feel like email is way too competitive. The chances are that the lead you’re emailing has already received 10 other similar emails. The odds are against you. Then there is voice broadcasting where maybe 1 out of 10,000 marketers are using it.

Think about it for a second. When you get a text or voice mail, you open it right? What about when you get an email from a marketer you don’t know? The chances are you won’t read it. So you can see why voice broadcasting is so powerful in comparison to email. So is LeadNetPro worth the investment and can it grow your business? Absolutely!

Medical Transcription
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