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  • Internet Marketing is doable but it is not cheap nor easy

    Internet Marketing Is Doable, But It Is Not Cheap Nor Easy Part 2:
    Monetizing Your Traffic


    You can monetize traffic in three ways: you can promote your own product, or you can approach things in a slightly different way by becoming an affiliate in order to promote someone else’s product, or broker leads.

    The first method is to create your own product, you can do this by making something brand new, for example a downloadable product (such as an eBook; a computer program; or a set of files – such as photos or music), this is by far the most difficult method.  Not only do you have to make the product itself, but you have to set up an infrastructure for support, returns, replacements, billing, and much more!  All for a product that may or may not sell.  It is a huge risk with no guarantees for payout.

    The next method is to become an affiliate marketing specialist, by promoting someone else’s product.  This can actually be much more profitable than promoting your own product.  The product owner has done all of the work for you on the product side.  You will make money online through these affiliate programs by receiving a commission, anywhere from 10% to 70% of the gross sale is not uncommon.

    The only challenge with affiliate marketing is that there can be fierce competition from fellow affiliates, which makes it vital that you pick the right product to sell and the right affiliate partners to work with.  For example, you can partner directly with the company offering the product, or by using affiliate sourcing services, such as Clickbank or Commission Junction which are two of the most dependable and popular on the internet today.  If you are not careful about this process, you will not be able to leverage your marketing costs and it will be nearly impossible to turn a profit.

    Another form of monetization is lead brokering where you act as lead broker for advertisers, bringing them qualified leads.  You publish a web site with quality content, and when people visit your site and click content relevant ads you get paid.  What is fun about this process is that it is like you are working for the casino – you are leveraging the power of PPC , but rather than you paying for the ads, the advertisers pay you to display their PPC ads on your web properties.

    Do not be discouraged if you only make a few pennies each day in the beginning.  Eventually, as you begin to get a feel for affiliate marketing, you will be able to ramp it up more quickly and you will begin to make money online faster than your previous projects.

    Making money online by becoming an affiliate marketer can be fun and rewarding and while each of these methods are completely doable, remember they are not cheap nor easy.  Thinking you can learn how to make money fast online is naïve at best and dangerous at worst, with you losing hundreds if not thousands of dollars before you have even begun.  If you choose this path, remember to do your homework, make sure that you get educated and are committed for the long haul.

    FxDialogue – Forex Basics

    Forex is an attractive online business. The initial cost is low and you only need a PC with reliable internet connection to start trading. However, learning the basics before investing is imperative. You should not expect to succeed unless you have learned the basics.

    It is better that you read a basic course about forex. This will help you learn the basics terms as well as basic strategies. You will not only understand the terms but will be able to develop your first strategy to start things.

    However, despite that need, not everyone can have access to these courses due to their cost. Some of the better courses may cost you more than $200. You may wonder what to do then?

    The best thing to do is to learn the basics here and then try to dig as much info as much you can. Free information does not always help, however, if you are good at searching and finding things that are hidden deep, you may just save your money.

    Some of the most important basic things that you cannot afford to miss are listed below with basic description of each.

    • Forex: The very first thing that you need to know is the market itself. Foreign currency exchange market is an ever growing and highly volatile market. It involves risk against reward.
    • Currency pair: You trade one currency pair for another. The currency is paired and is always traded in pairs.
    • Exchange rate: It is the value of one currency in terms of another.
    • Base and counter currency: The currency pair has two currencies. The first one is called base currency whereas the second one is called the counter currency.
    • Market maker: Market maker is a broker who provides exchange rates for currency pairs. The market maker is always there to buy and sell currencies for you at the quoted price.
    • No dealing desk: This broker does not deal itself and provides external dealing services. It provides prices and liquidity through external liquidity providers.
    • ECN: ECN is another type of broker who does not provide dealing desk. Instead of that, he provides a market place to trade.
    • Spread: It is the difference between the selling price and the buying price of a currency.
    • Pip: Pip is the smallest possible price increment that any currency can actually make.
    • Margin: Margin indicates both opening account deposit as well as deposit for maintaining the position. This is the minimum amount needed for the above-mentioned actions.
    • Leverage: The ability to take your account to a position greater than your margin value.

    Once you have understood these terms, you need to check the forex brokers that give you the best options. For example, if a broker gives you spread that is not industry standard, you should back off. Similarly, knowing the broker type, his strategy and leverage offered would be handy while entering the forex. Use all the knowledge that you have acquired and make a safe entry into the market.


    FxDialogue – Trading forex successfully

    Can you actually become a successful forex trader? Yes, you can if you follow the guidelines and act using your common sense. Here is what you need to do.

    Ø  Look for a reputable broker to avoid the scams and to stay on the safe side. The broker should be consistent with spreads and should have ample liquidity. In case, your broker is not meeting these guidelines, you can try out for your brokerage needs.

    Ø  Once you have selected the right broker, you need to follow certain rules for your trades. You may feel the temptation to go out all the way; however, this is not a recommended. Make and follow the rule to ‘survive to trade another day’. This means that you should apply money management skills intelligently making sure that you are not losing everything at the end of the day. If you are very new to trading forex, use stop-loss strategy. This can help you survive another day in most of the situations.

    Ø  Do not go for excessive leverage. It will put your capital under huge risk. In the beginning, prefer taking calculated risks and keeping the leverage as low as possible. However, when you are well equipped with the necessary skills, you can go for excessive leverage.

    Ø  Establish rules, make strategies and plan everything beforehand. Once done, then stick to it and keep the emotions out of it. Your plan should have reasonable risk and reward parameters and you should then stick to them. Involving emotions in trading forex is fatal. It will influence your decision making and will put you in a bad position.

    Ø  Make different strategies for trading with the trend and against the trend. Trailing stops would work great if you were trading with the trends. In case, you are trading against the trends, try taking out the profits.

    Ø  Keep an eye on the news. If you do not keep yourself updated, you are more likely loosing all your capital suddenly. However, if you are keeping an eye on the latest happenings and understand that in reference to trading forex, you may prepare in time for any unseen market behaviour. Moreover, it will help you make decisions well in time.

    Ø  Keep an eye on the holidays to avoid thin liquidity. Adjust your strategies accordingly and save yourself from losses.

    If you really want to become a top trader, you will have to work harder than most. Being new to the market does not mean that you cannot compete. However, you need to have consistency and persistency along with thirst for learning and acquiring the latest information.

    Another important thing to keep in mind is to create your own strategies. If you plan to use others’ strategies while trading forex, drop that immediately. This can harm your business and can leave you surprised. Remember, trading varies from individual to individual. It also considers various other factors and presents itself differently to different traders. Use the knowledge, understanding of the market and data to create your own strategy. This is the best that you can do.




    Getecurency's Online Exchangers & E-Currency Station

    Getecurrency is online Exchangers & Ecurrency Station where all online E-Currency Exchangers and Payment processors are Listed,Monitored and Rated By ,Members and Our visitors as well.

    Who Should Use

    • Exchangers : E-Currency Exchange Offices can List their websites to our listing including detailed information about their services,Fees as well as their Support Contacts.

    Getecurrency exchangers list
    Instant Exchangers
    If You Offer instant E-Currency Exchange services ,you are welcome to list your website for your visitors and members as well.

    Manual Exchangers
    If you offer E-Currency exchange services which takes time to proceed your customers transactions,and Orders like sell and buy Liberty/webmoney/perfectmoney and others for Westernunion/moneygram and bank wire,or exchange between Libertyreserve,Perfectmoney,HD-money,Global Digital Pay and other which may delay to Few Hours or Days In some Cases.

    Individual Exchangers

    If you are E-Currency exchanger and provides your services on forums threads such as Talkgold,Exchangemoneyforum,Exchangemoneyplace,Moneymakergroup and others and don’t have Offer your services or post your rates,so Getecurrency Welcome you to post your favourite forum thread link ,your full name ,country ,rates and fees as well as your desired Contact IDS which can be used by our vistors and Members to Contact you .

    How Much It Costs to List My Website or Service on

    You  have to pay nothing to list your website or service on ,as listing your site is completely free of charge ,you only have to Contact us ,or List Your Services (E-currency Exchanger – E-Currency)

    Will My Website Listed Instantly ?

    No,Your website will be listed on our site within 24 Hrs,of receiving your Application because we have to review all information and compared it with those declared on your website or Forum Thread.

    •  E-Currencies Or Payment Processors

    All  current and new ECurrencies can be listed on Getecurrency’s E-Currency Section to provide information about their fees,new services,new options and Updates.

    •  Members and Visitors

    If you are E-Currency user and needs to find best online ecurrency exchanger who could help you to exchange your Libertyreserve,webmoney,cashu,perfectmoney,GlobalDigitalMoneyand HD-Money easily and safely at the best rates ,
    you are in the right place where you can find all working E-Currency exchangers in the market with detailed information about them ,Feedbacks and reviews which made through other vistors and members who tried their services.

    TWO Exclusive Services from to our members

    Newsletter :when you register as member in getecurrency ,you will be able to receive newsletter about the latest Exchangers , E-Currency market news, updates.and New E-currencies and Exchangers added to your Lists .

    Filling Dispute: As Getecurrency Member you will be able to Fill Dispute against any of E-Currency Exchangers, E-currencies working on the market (Dispute should contains detailed information about the problem ),and we are going to contact them on your behalf to investigate and solve your problem.

    General Tips For E-Currency Exchangers choosing:
    1-Choose exchangers who have many positive Feedbacks and reviews on and other online forums
    2- Check hosting and IP-address using Whois service. If you find irrelevant information such as random meaningless words or controversial contact information, then it is better to avoid
    3-Contact admin,Support of the exchange service using e-mail,ICQ or live support interface. It will help you to get more information about the admin ,his business and Helps you to Test their Support Level.
    4-choose exchangers offer multiple payment options.
    5-choose exchangers who  offer the most competitive fees on the market.

    What are benefits i can get as Exchanger or E-currency User or client?

    Exchangers Benefits:
    1-Attract daily,dozens of visitors interested in e-currency exchanges
    2-.Customers can rate you and increase visitor’s confidence in your service.
    3-Good opportunity to solve your problems safely if you have any problem or delay in providing you service to your clients.

    E-Currency User or client:
    1- will be able to choose one of the best online exchangers on the market.
    2- opportunity to watch ,monitor and read others feedbacks and reviews based on their last experiences.
    3- opportunity to Fill Dispute or Complain against any of E-currency exchangers if you face problem with them and we are going to solve your problem with them for free.
    4- opportunity to choose the lowst fee exchanger among E-Currency Exchangers listed on

    The Truth About The LeadNet Pro System

    Lead NetPro, a new Internet based software that allows you to scrape, email and voice broadcast thousands of leads in a matter of minutes. Lead NetPro launched in late 2010 and exploded into the market place soon after. The founder of Lead NetPro (Dan Miller) was a struggling Network Marketer who had a huge problem generating leads. He struggled to generate leads for his business until he thought of Lead NetPro.

    Lead NetPro was initially built for struggling Networkers, but is now used by thousands of marketers and small business owners across the globe. Lead NetPro is a lead generation tool and broadcaster. I believe it all started with a lead scraper.

    But when you have thousands of targeted leads, you need a way of contacting them. Using Lead NetPro’s email and voice broadcaster you can deliver your message to thousands of people around the globe in minutes.

    All you do is enter a few details like what kind of leads you want, where you want them from and press start. Lead NetPro will then gather you a nice list of laser targeted leads. Now you have the choice of using the email or voice broadcaster.

    Using the email broadcaster, you just paste in your email and press send. Lead NetPro will deliver your email straight to all your leads inbox’s. They have a very impressive delivery rate unlike a lot of the other competing software’s.

    It’s very powerful. The software practically eliminates the biggest problem faced by marketers, lead generation! You just scrape your leads and contact them. The email broadcaster is pretty self explanatory so I won’t say any more. Then there is the voice broadcaster. For less than 2 cents a minute you can send your voice message to thousands of targeted leads. The potential is huge! So should you be using Lead NetPro and is it worth the money, yes!

    Medical Transcription
    Medical transcription, also known as MT, is an allied health profession, which deals in the process of transcription, or converting voice-recorded reports as dictated by physicians and/or other healthcare professionals, into text format.